Sailing in Mauritius

Mauritius is a stunningly beautiful tropical island in the Indian Ocean and though relatively close to the coast of Africa, it has been influenced by the British and French cultures and traditions and even more so by India, because of the large Indian society you find in Mauritius. Mauritius covers an area of 1864 kms. It is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches, blue lagoons, palm trees and coral reefs. You will definitely appreciate the beauty of the island with its natural splendor and the magnificence of its wild life. Mauritius is one of the important island nations, which is famous for its water sports, especially sailing. Mauritius sailing attracts a large tourist population into the island, especially during the warmer months.

The fine weather for sailing in and around the island makes Mauritius sailing extremely attractive activity for adventure hungry tourists. All beach resorts and hotels provide you with small boats which can be used for sailing. Mauritius sailing excursions provided by the hotel or by excursion clubs will take you to many virgin and unexplored destinations near Mauritius, which you will definitely enjoy. The important destinations for Mauritius sailing are the Grand Baie and the Catamaran cruise, where you can have a view of the amazing islands; you can also view the astonishing lagoons here which are crystal clear and a delight to the eye.

Sailing in MauritiusMauritius sailing offers endless opportunities for sailing trips. Mauritius has the perfect sailing conditions where the winds are regular and the climate is stable and pleasant all the year round. Off-shore sailing on a catamaran is a perfect and unforgettable experience. When sailing around on the boats the visitors will have the chance of seeing dolphins in Tamarin Bay. They can also enjoy the spectacular scenery where the sea appears to meet the mountains at the coast line.

Many of the private Mauritius sailing operators give you the option of day charters and day cruises. The day-charter catamarans have a capacity of 10 to 30 persons depending on the size of the catamarans. The excursion starts at 9.00 am and concludes by 4.00 pm. The cost of the tickets includes lunch and drinks.

If you would like to have a thrilling day of sailing, then choose the catamaran cruise which goes from the southeast of the island to the southwest along the southern coast. But, a word of caution – you should not have a queasy or weak stomach because the seas are much rougher in these parts. There are no coral reefs or lagoons along the coastline, so the catamarans sail directly to the Black River. If you would like to spend a quiet day out in the sea, then it is recommended that you avail yachts on an exclusive day-charter basis. The rental charges include the services of crew and catering arrangements of the food to be served on board. Day-charter does work out to be costly, but you will enjoy every moment of it. Some boat operators offer cruising holidays with on-board accommodation and overnight stays.

You also have the choice of taking speedboats for day rentals. Dinghy sailing is available in most of the resorts, but before renting a dinghy do assure yourself the quality of the equipment.

Mauritius travel offers you excellent water sporting facilities, which all visitors to the island must experience and enjoy. Some of the famous water sports, apart from Mauritius sailing are wind surfing, water skiing, catamaran cruises, kayak boating, pedal boating, and snorkeling. Come to Mauritius, see for yourself and enjoy the thrill and pleasures water sports.