Waterpark Leisure Village

The Waterpark Leisure Village is an adventurous place on the east side of Mauritius which offers a number of water sports and other attractions to all groups of visitors. The Leisure Village is something that no visitor should miss out on. It is a family excursion place where you have a number of spots for recreation and dining. Complete relaxation and recreation are the ultimate aims of the Waterpark Leisure Village.

The Waterpark Leisure Village is a treasure house offering loads of fun and entertainment. The park is spread out on an area of 25 acres and is specially designed to cater to all ages – young and old. The spot is especially popular with kids who love all the places which give them delight such as splash areas, water cannons, waterfalls, and lily pads. Its big wave pool has been successful in attracting visitors of all ages from all over the world throughout the year.

The thrill of the Giant slides going into the pond, smaller slides for children, and a host of other activities keeps the children and adults engaged throughout the day. The waterpark also features a number of crazy slides and water chutes for people who would like to have a change from the usual water sports. The water games feature numerous water slides, and adventurous water games. Or, you could just laze about in the water or under the shade of a tree and listen to the birds singing. You may feel that one day may not be enough to enjoy all the activities of the Waterpark Leisure village. The park also offers dry games for the benefit of the young and the old.

The Waterpark Leisure Village has excellent dining facilities which are equally attractive to the young and the old. The park has a main restaurant for those who would like to have a leisurely lunch. And for those who would like to grab a bite or two between rides, you have a choice of three fast food outlets – there is a food court called the Pirate’s Feast Fast Food, the Food Kiosk, and the Candy Spot, all of which serve tasty snacks, French fries and other mouth-watering knick-knacks. The park has an auditorium called Pirate’s Plaza which can accommodate about 1000 people for special events.

Many visitors tell us that they keep coming to Mauritius every year and they do not fail to visit the Waterpark Leisure Village. They have also opined that it is a great family retreat for the entire family and the food is absolutely wonderful. There is also some advice for people who are visiting the village for the first time – when moving about in the village do not forget to wear footwear. The floor gets very hot and you will end up burning the soles of your feet. So, do not forget to take light flip-flops with you.

The Waterpark Leisure Village is assuredly a wonderful place where you can have lots of fun and enjoy to your heart’s content. Do not forget to include it in your itinerary.