Black River Gorges

Plaine Champagne is the highest part of the central plateau on the island of Mauritius. From the Plaine Champagne you can command an excellent view of the Black River Gorges and the sea on the horizon.

The Black River Gorges is a 6,574 hectare park which has been made into a natural reserve. The Black River Gorges provides a beautiful opportunity to visitors to enjoy the wonderful scenery and presents a wonderful prospect of hiking and walking along walking trails in the wonderful green environment. The hiking makes available to the visitors a chance to appreciate some of the unique plant and birdlife of Mauritius. Some of the endangered species of birds such as the Pink Pigeon and the Mauritian Kestrel have been able to regenerate thanks to the environment of the black River Gorges.

The Black River Gorges can be seen from the Plain champagne which is the highest part of the Central Plateau. From here you will have an excellent view of the surroundings and this is a great place to take magnificent pictures. The extinct volcanoes have created a beautiful landscape full of gorges, cliffs, rocks and niches. The rainfall on the mountains varies from 1000 mm to 4000 mm and the quantum of rainfall determines the growth of plants.

Black River GoresThe Black River Gorges National Park is the location of some of the rarest forests in the world. More than 150 species of rare plants and nine species of very rare birds found only in Mauritius can be seen here. The Black River Gorges National Park strives for the conservation of the endemic flora and fauna, education, creation of public awareness about protection of the environment and the National park. The indigenous exotic environment of the National park has been corrupted by the entry of foreign exotic plants such as the guava and the Chinese privet and animals such as wild pigs and the rusa deer.

Take a hike through the park and you will be able to see many endemic plants and animals – you could get to see the Mauritian Flying Fox and amongst birds, you could have a glimpse of the Pink Pigeon, the Mauritius Bulbul, and the Mauritius Parakeet, to name a few.

The park has two visitor centers – the main one on the park’s western edge and the other one at the park’s eastern edge. You can get up-to- date information of the park from either of these centers. You will find magnificent views in the park and the drives through the park are really amazing. There are many trail walks in the park for all categories of walkers. You have a 7 km walk to the Maccabee Forest, or a 15 km walk through the Gorges to the Black River.

The Black River Gorges National Park offers visitors over 50 kms of trails to let you experience the scenery, the plants and trees, and the animals – in short experience nature first hand. All the facilities in the National Park are for your pleasure and enjoyment. But, a word of caution and advice: Black River Gorges can be as exciting as it can be treacherous. You are advised to stay on designated paths to avoid falling down over cliffs and injuring yourself. Be careful when hiking, for even a sprained or twisted ankle may mean a painful trip back.

The Black River Gorges National Park welcomes you to the park and asks you to be a part of the nature there.