Chamarel is a wonder on the island of Mauritius. Chamarel which is a village situated in the south west of Mauritius is famous for two natural wonders. Chamarel is covered by mountains and green valleys and provides you with a pleasant sight. Many tourists make it a point to visit this place for its natural beauty. It is situated in the Black River district.

Chamarel - MauritiusOne is the magnificent Chamarel Falls, which is a real beauty and the other is the colored earths of Chamarel which is a point of curiosity for every visitor. The earth or soil of the earth at Chamarel is most unusual – the whole area here was created by volcanic rocks which cooled at different temperatures. This cooling at different temperatures formed the earth on the hillsides with different hues. The village of Chamarel is surrounded by the Black River Gorges Park which is a protected natural heritage site. The World Wildlife Society has saved several species like the pink pigeon and the green parrot from extinction.

The region has fast become popular due the presence of the Chamarel Colored Earths, a natural local phenomenon where mounds of earth of various hues can be seen next to one another. In one of the beautiful green valleys where you are one with nature, you will find a rustic guest house, but possessing all the ultra modern facilities. The guest house possesses three standard suites overlooking a swimming pool, and four Superior suites overlooking another swimming pool. A special Suite Ravenale is also available. The Les Chalets en Champagne is a restaurant within walking distance of the guest house and it is believed to be one of the best restaurants in all Mauritius. High above the Chamarel situated in the greenery of the Plaine Champagne are available very superior chalets for accommodation. These chalets, Les Chalets Montaguards and Les Lodges Champenois boast of their own helipad.

It is believed that over the years big rocks were crushed and pulverized into sand by the natural forces and these sands formed are of various hues and colors. These sands have the property of settling into their distinct layers. Take a handful of each of the seven different colors of earth and mix them together, but you will find that they eventually separate into a vortex of colors with each dot of sand joining its mother colors. As the earth was exposed to the natural elements, the rain had carved beautiful patterns into the hill side.

In the village of Chamarel, you will find a number of pineapple plantations. The pineapples found here are very tasty and the people here not only eat it, but it also use it in Chinese and local cuisine. On the way to Chamarel you will find the Black River gorges where you will see the wonderful Alexandra waterfall. The water flows down from two rivers and you can step down to the water to have a swim in the cool waters.

Sunrise is the best time to see the colored earths. Geologists still wonder about the colored sands and the rolling multi-colored dunes. The colors red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow never erode in spite of heavy rains, torrential downpours, and other adverse climatic conditions. It is possible that the earth here is made of volcanic ash which is rich in minerals.

Chamarel is a beautiful place and there is no way you can miss it. Don’t miss it for you can never capture again the wonders and beauties of the nature there.