Triolet Shivala – Mauritius

Mauritius has a lot of temples distributed throughout the island and the reason is due to the huge Indian population present there. Mauritian temples present very different features than other temples elsewhere. You find that the temples here are very colorful and display a profusion of frescoes and statutes. The sanctuary is surrounded by a courtyard that you enter through an ornately made porch. The Hindu temples are easily recognizable by their red and white colors. All the Hindu temples have the same type of colorful decoration.

If you would like to enjoy your visit to the North of Mauritius, you ought to visit the village of Triolet Shivala which is the largest village in the district of Pamplemousses. You will find the biggest Hindu temple here – the Maheshwarnath temple. The temple was constructed in the year 1819 in honor of the Gods Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna, Brahma, Ganesha, and Muruga. The Shivala which is a very large temple has origins from three continents along with a diversity of cultures. The Maha Shivarathri festival is celebrated here in on a very grand scale.

The village of Triolet Shivala has a traditional Sunday early-morning market. A five minute drive from the village brings you to the Trou-aux-Biches which is a very popular tourist resort. Other prominent near-by villages are Pointe-aux-Piments, Mont Choisy, and the beautiful town of Grand Baie.

For visitors who would like to have some experience of the local culture of the temples in Mauritius, the village of Triolet Shivala offers a very good opportunity for these people to know about the local cultures and traditions. The village reflects the variety of cultures that is spread throughout the island. This diversity of culture is ingrained in the people of Mauritius and it is in their blood stream. The presence of the Maheshwarnath temple, which is the largest in Mauritius, contributes to the religious significance of the village.

It is said that the presence of the Maheshwarnath temple in the village of Triolet Shivala contributes to the religious significance of the village. The village was the starting point for the first Maha Shivarathri pilgrimage. The pilgrimage began when a resident of Triolet Shivala had a vision of a sacred lake surrounded by dense forests. A group of sages set out to find that sacred lake. They discovered the lake and called it Ganga Talao which is also known as the Grand-Bassin, which literally means the big lake. Since then all Hindus of Mauritius gather at this river every year to pray to God Shiva on Maha Shivarathri day, which usually occurs in the month of February.

The village of Triolet Shivala is well connected by a network of roads to the capital Port Louis and to Mapou. The village is surrounded by green sugarcane fields which has a great impact on the economy of the village which reflects on the economy of the country.

When you are on a visit to Mauritius, pay a trip to the Triolet Shivala village and visit the famous Maheshwarnath temple, the biggest temple on the island. You will find some peace and solace.