Mauritius Guide

Mauritius is a great place for vacation and has several things to offer its tourists from white sand beaches to endangered bird species and from five star Mauritius hotels to water sport activities. Mauritius is a beautiful island located in the eastern direction of Madagascar. Tourists from all over the world visit this beautiful place to enjoy its untouched beauty and to get relax on the white sand beaches. Even, Mauritius is the perfect place for the people who like to get tan. Mauritius beaches are an ideal option for sunbath and water sport activities. The weather in Mauritius remains perfect all year round making it the perfect place for vacation.

Mauritius offers several attractions to tourists apart from the serene white sand beaches. The Dutch Ruins is one of the oldest settlements at Vieux Grand Port in Mauritius and is also an important place to know the Mauritian history. The IIe Aux Aigrettes is established by the Mauritius Wildlife Fund and is an important attraction in Mauritius. The IIe Aux Aigrettes protects the endangered birds and wild animal species as well as also protects the natural resources of Mauritius. The world’s most endangered species of birds like the Green Gecko, the rarest Pink Pigeon and the Kestrel can be found in IIe Aux Aigrettes. It is the perfect place for bird lovers and for the people who likes to stay near nature.

Mauritius GuideAnother great place to visit in Mauritius is the Mahebourg village famous for fishing. Mahebourg is also a home for several star rated Mauritius hotels and villas. Tourists can enjoy fishing in Mahebourg village in a traditional way. People who like adventure should visit the Domaine Du Chasseur. The Domaine Du Chasseur is spread over nine hundred hectares and is perfect hunting spot. Tourists can hunt wild boars and monkeys on the hunting grounds of this beautiful place. Tourists can stay in Mauritius hotels located at the hillside of Domaine Du Chasseur.

Blue Bay is another place to enjoy the blue waters of Mauritius. It is only a few minutes ride from the amazing Mauritius capital Port Louis. The place is quiet and offers exceptional beauty and scenic view. As the water is perfectly blue in the Blue Bay, tourists should hire the glass bottom boats to see the underwater beauty. Blue Bay is the perfect place to stay in Mauritius hotels to enjoy your vacation.

Varieties of options are available in Mauritius to stay. Tourists can choose from five star Mauritius hotels to luxury villas and from seven star resorts to economical Mauritius hotels. Yemen reserve should not be missed if you are in Mauritius for your vacation. It has the magnificent species of Mauritian flora and fauna. The rustic kiosk in Yemen reserves offers a perfect unobstructed sea view and is also a perfect place to see the beautiful Mauritian sunset. You can enjoy the local Mauritian punch sitting on the rustic kiosk watching the sun going below the horizon.

So, pack your bags and book your rooms in the Mauritius hotels and prepare yourself for a memorable experience.