Mauritius Travel Deals

There is no doubt that visiting the island nation of Mauritius is a tempting thought for almost anyone who has ever dreamed of clear, sandy beaches and seemingly endless coral reefs to explore. Unfortunately, all of this associated natural beauty comes at a price – quite literally.

Mauritius is, put simply, one of the most expensive tourists destinations on earth. Therefore it becomes somewhat essential to those not earning seven figures a year to try and find decent Mauritius deals for holidays. Although Mauritius does have a reputation for expense and exclusivity to uphold, it isn’t totally out of reach of those with a slightly less extravagant budget.

Mauritius IslandThe first key to getting good Mauritius holiday deals is to book at the right time. Although the Mauritius climate differs little from season to season, as with most holiday destinations it is most busy during what is the European summer. Peak prices tend to apply to both flights and accommodation from late May to early September, so if possible try to avoid booking during these months.

Unfortunately, that is not the end of the story. Due to the aforementioned temperate climate, Mauritius is almost a year-round destination and there is no clear off-season when prices reduce dramatically. Therefore, one must find other ways and means of getting a good deal when it comes to holidaying in Mauritius.

Also unfortunately, Mauritius is currently not served by any of the budget airlines. Some of the budget travel operators do offer holidays to the island, but these are still astronomically expensive compared to a cheap week half-board in Tenerife.

When it comes to getting a good deal on a Mauritius holiday, you therefore need to be a bit crafty. The oldest tactic in the book applies here; book as late as possible and be as flexible as you can. This may sound disastrous if you are only allocated the standard four weeks paid holiday a year, but if you really want Mauritius to be your destination yet want a good deal, there isn’t an awful lot of choice.

Say you decide you want to spend one week in Mauritius. To do this flexibly, try booking two and a half weeks off work, giving you plenty of time. Don’t try and book anything until a fortnight before the start of your holiday – by that point, operators will be trying to fill seats and will slash prices as far as they can while still maintaining a profit margin.

To get a really good deal, you’re going to need to take the flights and connections that no one else wants. Traveling to Mauritius from London, for example, you can cut L400 / $600 from the price of your trip just by taking a flight plan that includes two changes. This is where flexibility is key, as the truth is, if you have a set date for arrival and departure that you cannot deviate from, you’re probably going to pay much more for the privilege.

Another trick is to book online, as some operators offer up to a 20% discount just for using the online service. You can also try and tailor make your own package instead of buying a deal from a tour operator. Using the Internet, you can source your own flights, transfers and accommodation and cut out the arrangement fee taken by a travel agent.

If you can combine all of these little tricks – booking late, being flexible and arranging your own package – then you can slice a significant chunk off the cost of any Mauritian holiday.