Mauritius Travel Guide

Welcome to Mauritius, home of your dream vacation! Mauritius is situated off the South East Coast of Africa. The island, which is of volcanic origin, covers an area of approximately 720 square miles. Coral reefs surround most of the coast except the shores to the south. Mountains are scattered throughout the island, which also boasts tropical forests and plants that add to the natural beauty of the island. With over 90 miles of pure white sandy beaches and the transparent waters of the many lagoons protected from the open sea, Mauritius is a beach goers’ paradise. In addition, best of all there are only two very seasonal changes on the island; hot from November to April, and warm from May to October.

No matter your preferences for hotel accommodations, there is a facility available to suit your needs. From exclusive guesthouses, bed & breakfast inns, boarding inns, beach bungalows and apartments to the smallest of studios, there is something for everyone. Resorts range from one to five star ratings of their overall quality and service, and a simple web search will reveal a host of visitor reviews to guide a prospective visitor to the services that best fit their agenda.

Mauritius TravelTake care when making your hotel arrangements prior to arrival on the island. Many hotels will charge an individual more if they call on their own to make a reservation than they would if the booking was made through a travel agency. If you have access to a reputable travel agent, it would Be a wise move to see if a package could be put together for your stay; hopefully it would save you quite a bit of money that could then go to shopping and fine dining! Some establishments deal in one or all of the three currencies circulating throughout the island’s economy; the US dollar, the Euro, and the Mauritian Rupee. Roughly, the exchange rate is 30 Rupees to 1 US Dollar, and 42 Rupees to 1 Euro. Clarify before arriving at your hotel which currency they prefer in order to avoid embarrassing trips to the bank to have money exchanged.

Within walking distance from most hotels on the island is a bustling nightlife, plenty of shopping, and even small corner groceries for guests who have a kitchen included with their rooms and prefer to cook for themselves. Renting a car is not generally advised unless you would like to do a lot of traveling over the island, as rates for rentals often exceed thirty dollars a day for a small vehicle.

There are all sorts of sights that can be seen on the island of Mauritius. Above all, there are just as many ways out there to see them. All kinds of hotel accommodations are available from the smallest of studios to a private bungalow nestled amongst the trees just a few steps from a pristine white sanded beach. With your budget in mind, the sky is the limit in this secluded tropical paradise, where anything you desire can be yours!