Mauritius Travel Guide

Mauritius is the best destination for your vacations. Mauritius is well known for its beauty and white sand beaches. It offers a perfect atmosphere to relax and to rejuvenate the inner soul. Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean at the eastern side of Madagascar. The island is well connected with all the major destinations of the world. Mauritius flights are available all year round to reach the magnificent place. Mauritian flights are fast, convenient, safe and comfortable.

Most of the Mauritius flights are connect the major destinations of the world, popular flight lines are Air Mauritius Limited, Cathay Pacific Airways, South African Airways, Malaysian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air France, Air India, Air Madagascar, British Airways, Air Emirates and Air Seychelles. These flights are operating from all over the globe and can be boarded any time of the year.

Mauritius has several well known tourist attractions and nature parks. It is also a home for numerous endangered bird species and wild animals. Mauritius also gives hunting options to tourists in the specified areas. Martello Towers is one of the attractions and represents the ancient contention between the ancient colonial powers and human kind. The towers are the perfect place to visit in Mauritius for people who are interested in knowing the Mauritian history.

Chamarel is another important place to visit in Mauritius and can be reached through leading road to the Village Case Noyale. Apparently Chamarel seems to be colourful as numerous colours like green, blue, yellow and green can be seen because of the erosion of volcanic cinders. Numerous fresh water waterfalls are also located in Chamarel along with adventure nature parks. Chamarel is a perfect place for the people who like nature and its untouched beauty.

Mauritius Travel GuideSalt Pans is the hub of salt production and its exports. The place is located at very high level and the sun is bit harsh on the area making it perfect place for the salt production. Casela Bird Park is a never missed place if you are in Mauritius. This bird park has several rare bird species and reptiles. Rare species of snakes are common in the park. The park is spread over twenty five hectares and is home for more than one hundred and fifty species of birds, reptiles, tortoises, monkeys, dears and orchids. The Casela Bird Park is the best place for kids as they can enjoy here really well.

Apart from all the white sand beaches, in your Mauritius travel should visit the Black River Gorges, which is famous national park. It is spread over a giant six thousand and seventy four hectares. The National park is full of wild species of animals and birds. It is also one of the important are for studies of flora and fauna. So, do not wait this season and catch your Mauritius flights to experience a wonderful vacation. Remember that Mauritius flights are available all year round so book your tickets now for the magnificent Mauritius.