Adventure Travel in Namibia

Namibia is the biggest country in Africa. Aside from the being one of the smallest populations in the world, Namibia is also known for providing the most wonderful adventures in Africa as well as around the world. A Namibia travel will make sure that you don’t miss any of the most popular and favourite destinations in this country. Some of the best places to be visited in Namibia is Windhoek. It is the capital of Namibia. You will surely have a great adventure in this place because there are so many things to do here and so many places to visit. There are many travel agencies who offer tours and services around the town. The great tour in Namibia will include a visit to the old railway station, the Raider’s memorial, and the castles of Windhoek, the House of Parliament in Windhoek, the old Fort, the Katutura Township, and other historical and architectural building around town. Going on a tour in Windhoek will also bring you to interesting places such as the Namibia Beer factory, the club resort casinos in Namibia, and others. You may also want to join excursions offered in Windhoek by some of the Namibia travel agencies. Excursion in Windhoek may include interesting places like meat factories, chocolate factories, jewelry factories, production workshops, and more.

Swakopmund is another beautiful place to visit during Namibia travel. In this place, you can do so many activities and you won’t get tired of it. One of the most popular activities done in Swakopmund is the balloon flight. This can be a very exciting and unforgettable experience where you are in Namibia. Climbing is also a great activity in this place. You will be able to see the beauty of the town while working your way up. Other activities such as riding cable cars, parasailing, skydiving or sand boarding at the coast, sunrise fishing, and cruising with the dolphins are also great adventures when you are in Namibia. Joining tours going around this town will also add to your interest.

Damaraland is another interesting place to visit in Namibia. Damaraland is one of the best places in Namibia where you can see great national parks. Along with these are the best floras and faunas around the place. Some mammals can also be seen in Damaraland.

Kalahari is also a great adventure when you are in Namibia. There are a lot of fascinating plants and adapted wildlife in Kalahari. Hiking and other outdoor activities can be done in Kalahari. Kalahari provides a remote and fascinating adventure for its visitors.

Visit Luderitz to see the most historical places and great German architectures. Luderitz is rich in diamonds and in heritage history. You can also find different kinds of plants and animals in this place. Luderitz shows a great mixture of sand and sea.

Visit the many places and tourist spots through Namibia travel and fully enjoy your once in a lifetime chance.