Hunting in Namibia?!

Hunting is one of the favourite things to do by many tourists in Namibia. There are a lot of agencies that offer this kind of help. They offer hunting tours to anyone who wants to visit the country and experience hunting in the wilds. The hunting season in Namibia takes place from the first of February up to the 30th of November. So for people who want to go hunting in Namibia, you can visit the country from these dates.

The hunting in Namibia started since the early 60’s. Many farmers and professional hunters have decided to use their skills in providing help and tutorials for people who want to experience hunting in Namibia. That is why the Namibian Professional Hunting Association was formed.

Any Namibia travel agency who offers hunting tours will provide a hunting tour guide during the whole time. The hunting tour guides are professional hunters who will guide you all the way. Before going hunting, you must also obtain a hunting license. Other things that you need to provide for hunting are passport, invitation to hunt, and an original license for your rifle.

Some of the most common weapons used for hunting are bows, shot guns, and hunting rifles. There are about 45 species in Namibia such as elephant, black and white rhinoceros, hippopotamus, buffalo, lion, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, different kinds of zebra, kudu, gemsbok, different antelopes, wildebeest, puku, reedbuck, tsessebe, sitatunga, oribi, black-faced impala, red lechwe, chobe buchbuck, warthog, bushpig, caracal, different kinds of hyena, wild dog, varied jackals, different kinds of foxes, and aardwolf.

When you go hunting in Namibia deserts, there are many and different methods that you can use. The hunting method depends on the group that you have decided to serve as your guide and hunting tutor. Hunting methods depend on the area of where you are hunting and the situation during your hunting courses.

The hunting usually begins with a drive around the hunting area. This helps you see how wide the area is, and also see some species along the way. Many things can be observed and experienced during the drive. Other people are allowed to come during the ride around the town, but once a nice place is spotted for hunting, the other people will not be allowed to go out of the car, but they can watch the hunting by using binoculars. Once a nice place is spotted for hunting, the hunter and the professional guide can go out of the car now. They can quietly observe for animals around the area or look for animals hiding in areas that serve as their homes.

When you go for hunting in Namibia, also consider other factors such as your health. Make sure that you are prepared for some of the illnesses that you may get from the place. It is important that you get enough information on how you can avoid any kind of sickness when you visit this place.

When you want a great Namibia travel adventure, try all the exciting activities the place has to offer!