What to Eat in Namibia?

When you go for a Namibia travel experience, do not forget to try the lifestyle of the people. Experience the local food they have, try their drinks, their way of eating and others. You may want to dine in with the local restaurants around the town. You can also look for local shops that sell the specialties of the place, as well as their delicacies.

When you decide to eat in Namibia, most of the foods you will expect are meat. Although there are still some people in Namibia who are vegetarians, but only a few people in Namibia prefer to eat pure vegetables in Namibia. Many restaurants are operating in Namibia, so you can expect different specialties of food such as Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian, and other international specialties. For a common cuisine in Namibia, the use of venison is very usual.

The common fruits and vegetables that you find in Namibia are bananas, avocados, mandarin oranges, pineapples, oranges, kiwi, celery beans, cabbage, peanuts, rice, millet, couscous, tomatoes, corn, onions, bread, celery, potatoes, and pasta. Some of these are imported from other countries. Some of these are also seasonal and are not found in the market all the time. Other products are also produced in Namibia such as mutton, beef, sausage, cakes and pastries.

Some of the most traditional foods that spice up Namibia travels are soup and porridge. They make these millet, cornmeal, or cassava. Other ingredients may also be added such as milk products, vegetables, meat stew or fish. Namibian people also eat other meat products such as pork, lamb, rabbit, and frog.

For most common Namibian cuisines, corn is mostly used for making bread. Bread is served with and vegetable sauce and a shellfish in Namibia. Meat cuisines commonly use chicken or fish, and alternatives are rats, beef, and goat. The meat is also served with fresh seafood (lobster or oyster). Namibian cuisine is known for being exotic. Namibian people also love outdoor cooking. Delicious meals like barbecue, meat stew, and fish cooked on open fire, and chicken as well. Try these foods and you will have a great Namibia travel experience.

Wine is one of the local products in Namibia. It is made of marula fruit. Wine has great production especially during the harvest season of the marula fruit. Beer is also a local drink in Namibia. The Namibia Breweries is the famous producer of beer in Namibia. You can visit many nightclubs in Namibia where you can drink good beer. Windhoek Lager is a famous beer in Namibia.

There are many restaurants and bars in Namibia where you can experience the local foods and drinks. Namibia travel groups sometimes add to their tours a stop over to some of the favourite restaurants of tourists visiting Namibia.

For a great dining experience, you might want to choose restaurants which are close to the fish River Canyon. Here are some dining areas that you can try: Etosha Café & Biergarten, The Raft, Café Anton, Napolitana Pizzeria, Out of Africa, The Tug, Haus Wronsky, and Spitzkoppe. These restaurants are found around Namibia.