Popular Activities in Seychelles

Seychelles is an exotic vacation spot that lures a lot of travelers to come to the islands for a visit.  Out of the long list of things to do there, which should you prioritize especially if you’re only staying in Seychelles for a few days?

Seychelles BeachesLook for a Secluded Seach
Since 115 islands make up Seychelles, it is common to find lots of beaches that are isolated and private, so you should find one to have that relaxing vacation you crave for. With just the plants and the view of the clear blue waters and sun bathing on the pristine white sand, you’ll definitely love the Seychelles beaches, most especially a secluded one.

Unwind Luxuriously
Vacationing in Seychelles is a luxury in itself so make the most out of it.  Just think of the amazingly perfect beaches or even private swimming pools with the perfect view of palm trees, sea birds flying overhead, etc.  Sip your cocktail and enjoy the moment – relaxation is the name of the game and being in Seychelles makes that possible.

Biking around the island of La Digue
The island of La Digue is a small island with only one main road that is best explored by cycling through it.  Along the way you’ll discover secret coves, secluded beaches, and a lot more.  You may also drop by the tiny harbour town called La Passe and see if there is something you like.

Explore the capital city of Victoria
Get to know more about the people of Seychelles and their culture by visiting the city of Victoria.  Explore Seychelles landmarks, stroll along the boulevards, meet new people, and have a taste of the exquisite food the city has to offer.

Get to know the Valley de Mai
Go to Praslin Island and explore the Valle de Mai, one of Seychelles’ great attractions.  The Valle de Mai is a legendary palm forest that holds six species of endemic palm trees, including the Seychelles symbol, the Coco de Mer species.  The Coco de Mer is the tree that has the largest leaves of all palm trees and also the largest seed or “nut” that is described as a “woman’s hip” because of its shape.  In the Valle de Mai, you might get to see the rare black parrot of Seychelles as well as a collection of flora and fauna normally found only in Seychelles.