Scuba Diving in Seychelles

The feeling is beyond description as fishes swim with you in clear waters. Marine life you’ve probably never seen before in your whole life. Seychelles is filled with inhabitants of life and color, amazing scenery which takes you to another place of bliss. This is scuba diving in Seychelles.

The film ‘Mode du Silence’ was made by the infamous Jacques Cousteau on he southern islands of Seychelles and by doing so, it contributed a great part in making Seychelles a popular vacation destination as it is today.

Seychelles has a lot of activities to offer its visitors, but perhaps the most preferred and most fun would be scuba diving. Being submerged underwater seeing the rock formations, seabed, plants and marine life is certainly an unforgettable moment or adventure for any traveler to experience even if he is a novice or professional scuba diver. One could have encounters with green turtles which are rare, or swim with whale sharks during the months of october and november.

Seychelles Scuba DivingSeychelles is considered as belonging to the top ten diving spots in the world. It has plenty of various underwater attractions to offer divers. Aside from marine life and crystal clear waters, there are also wrecks, granite boulders and other underwater structures. One could also see coral gardens filled with coral and odd shapes which make it unique and beautiful. Some of the rock formations took hundreds of years to be naturally shaped as it is today. Seychelles is truly a diver’s paradise.

Although recent El Nino phenomena have damaged some parts of the reefs of the Indian Ocean, there has been a quick recovery and natural regeneration which supported growth of the marine life population in the area.

Denis and Alphonse are the more popular coral islands which are sought after dive spots by scuba divers form all over the world. The rapid descent of its ledges from a few meters to a few thousand meters is astonishing. It might be dangerous to some, but for the seasoned scuba diver it is haven. One could have common encounters with sharks, barracudas and other big marine life in these waters and the ledge walls.

The seasons of Seychelles affects the waters visibility and temperature but scuba divers can go about their fun activities all year-round.  The best months to travel for a Seychelles scuba diving trip would be april, may, october and november where temperature is warm and visibility is clear.

For those who are new to diving or have never dived before, there are schools accredited by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors or shortly known as PADI, to assist and make sure that first time divers get instructions and safety guidelines of international standards. Beginners usually undergo a 4 day course with trial dives on open waters. Seychelles has many dive schools affiliated with PADI.

Scuba diving is a physical activity which is strenuous and also requires a good state of mind and thinking. A good level of physical fitness is a must. So it is also advisable that one should consult a professional doctor to see to it that he or she id physically and mentally fit for the activity. If one is proven by a medical clearance to be fit, head off to Seychelles and have that scuba diving adventure of your life.