Seychelles Real Estate

Seychelles (formally known as the Republic of Seychelles) is a nation consisting of one hundred and fifteen islands in the Indian Ocean about nine hundred miles from both Africa and the Island of Madagascar. Seychelles has the smallest population of any African State, but don’t let it is diminutive size fool you, there’s gold to be found in this tiny tropical paradise.

Seychelles Real EstateThe real estate market in Seychelles is booming; land and pre-built housing or corporate space can be bought by anyone living anywhere in the world to use as an investment or as a place to visit during vacation time. There is quite a bit of prime real estate available in Seychelles. The government restricts intensive construction, and insists that most of the architecture in Seychelles respect the environment. Seychelles has round about 82,000 citizens, most of these people living on the island of Mahe; Seychelles is a great place to live if you enjoy nature. If it is beachfront property that you seek then Seychelles is the perfect place for your search to begin. The majority of the beaches throughout the islands are untouched and pure. It is very easy to discover a tropical oasis all of your very own on one of the 115 islands of the Republic of Seychelles. Almost fifty percent of the total land area of the Seychelles islands either is a protected area of some kind or designated as a national park. This is because the environment is a very important concern of the Republic of Seychelles government.

Real estate in Seychelles was once thought to be terribly expensive, but is fast becoming much more affordable. There has been a new addition to the total number of islands in the Republic, a fabricated island called Eden. It lies just off the coast of the main island of Mahe and is the first real estate property that has been made available for foreign ownership at a fair market price. Before the island of Eden, foreigners could own property in Seychelles, but they would have to pay a high price to do so. Most foreign property owners have to first construct a deal with the government in order to purchase any property on any island. Such is not the case any longer, thanks to Eden’s construction. The price of a home on this new island is estimated to be a tenth of a home on Mahe or Praline. Eden will also feature recreational sports facilities, bars and clubs, and several restaurants for the pleasure of its visitors and residents.

The most expensive of the available real estate properties lie on the islands of Mahe and Praline. Mahe has always been the center of Seychelles’ trade and tourism industry and is the hub for island hopping tourists. The demand for property is through the roof, and a popular and revolving trend of buying and selling beachfront homes is on the high.