Dennis Island – Seychelles

Denis Island, Seychelles is the second biggest island and is spread over sixty miles north of the Mahe Island. Bird Island is also located next to Dennis Island. The magnificent Denis Island was named after the Dennis De Trobriand, the famous French explorer. The island was discovered in the year 1773 and is the most favoured place among the tourists for vacation. Denis Island, Seychelles has numerous hotels, villas and luxury resorts.

The Dennis Island is covered with full of flora and the plantations such as casuarinas, takamaka (ballnut), and coconut palm trees. Several major Seychelles conservation bodies are also formed on the Dennis Island to protect the rare flora and fauna found in the region.

The Dennis Island, Seychelles is the perfect place for the people looking for rare marine creatures. The rare marine creatures such as sea cows, turtles, and seals are found near the island in the blue lagoons of Dennis Island. Mainly the economy of the Dennis Island runs on tourism as well as from the agricultural products.

The famous light house of Dennis Island, Seychelles was built in the year 1910 and is one of the most visited places. It is located on the north of the Dennis Island. A chapel was also built after the French explorer, the Chapel St. Dennis.

Dennis Island - Seychelles This beautiful island is a perfect place for the people who like to stay near the nature. Denis Island offers the most sacred and serene beauty to it tourists. Several water sports activities are also organized on the island such as surfing, sailing, and yachting.

Dennis islands can be easily reached through jetties and yachts, and can be explored any time of the year as it has a beautiful tropical weather. It is the perfect place for people who like to get tan under the sun. The beaches of Denis Island are calm, safe and untouched, the island offers the most stunning hospitality to its guests with all the natural surroundings and fun filled activities.

Dennis Island is also famous for its fishing activities. Usually, tourists like to fish the aficionados as they are abundant in the sea. Tourists also hire yachts to fish in the deep blue see of Dennis Island. The yachts are state of the art equipment and are really safe to go miles in the sea. Fishing can be real fun on these yachts as they are fully equipped. Tourists can also engage their self in the bottom fishing as the water is shallow near some of the beaches. The locals of the island are masters in shallow fishing and this wonderful art is also known as Palangrotte.

Diving is another activity that can be enjoyed by the tourists. Dennis Island is also known for its magnificent coral reef and gives chance to all the tourists to see its underwater beauty. The underwater sightseeing will allow seeing some of the exotic marine creatures such as tunas, dolphins, sailfish, sharks, turtles, and the sting rays.

So, with all these things offered by the Dennis Island, do not wait this season and head for this wonderful place to have a memorable vacation.