Desroches Island

Desroches is one of the magnificent islands of Seychelles. The Desroches Island is six kilometres long and one kilometre wide as well as has a fourteen kilometres long silver white sand coastline. The island is known for its serene beauty and has shady palm trees spread over the mainland and near the beaches. Desroches is a perfect place for the tourists as it is packed with all the fun filled activities and adventures. The Blue lagoons of the Desroches Island are perfect for diving and snorkelling as well as for other water sport activities such as yachting and sailing.

Desroches, Seychelles has an unspoiled flora and fauna and is an ideal place for the people who like to stay near the nature. The stunning beaches are the perfect place for the people who like sunbath and to get tan. The tropical weather of the island stays around twenty four degrees Celsius to twenty eight degree Celsius making it the perfect place for vacation all year round. Desroches island is only thirty five minutes away from the wonderful Mahe Island and can be easily reached by a boat. The exotic live coral reefs of the island attract number of tourists from all over the globe.

Desroches resort is the best place to stay on the island because of its exceptional services and facilities. The great services and facilities offered by the Desroches resort are huge bedrooms, separate bathrooms, private terraces with a spectacular sea view, central air conditioning system, mini bar facility, hair dryer, personal safe, outdoor shower as well as bathtub, satellite TV facility, and several such. The Desroches resort is the best place to stay as it offers world class hospitality with their trained staff.

Desroches SeychellesDesroches, Seychelles is considered as the best place for diving to enjoy the marine creatures and plants. It is the perfect place to see and enjoy the serene coral reefs at all its glory. The diving sites are not more than ten minutes away from the island. Tourists also enjoy the journey to the caves and canyons of the Desroches Island. The canyons and caves are covered with the lush green vegetation and are perfect place to explore on the island. They are also the home for several spongy corals, snappers, sweetlips, nurse sharks, fusiliers, and a home of stingrays.

The Big Cave is located in the Desroches is a perfect place for the divers. This magnificent cave is one of the rarest nature’s wonder and is visited by number of tourists. The sixty meter narrow tunnel of the Big Cave straight way goes deep in the reef wall. The divers who are lucky get a chance to see the rare turtles and nurse sharks.

Another great place to visit and enjoy on the Desroches, Seychelles is the Airport Reef. It is the perfect place for taking amazing pictures. Tourists get a chance to meet the endangered species of fishes such as the grass pipe fish and the head parrot fishes. The entire Airport Reef is surrounded by the soft coral and green vegetation that can sooth any pair of eyes. The wonders of Desroches, Seychelles are incomparable and are a wonderful place for a great vacation.