Praslin Island Seychelles

The Praslin Island, Seychelles is located on the north east of the Mahe Island, just thirty seven kilometres away. Praslin Island can be reached by a jetty in two hours time or it can be reached in fifteen minutes by air. This wonderful island was discovered in the year 1744 by the famous French sailor Lazare Picault. The beautiful Praslin Island is also known as the island of palms as well as the Garden of Eden. This earthly paradise is an inspirational place, perfect for people who want to invigorate their souls. The island has a tropical weather making it the perfect place for spending holidays.

Praslin Island SeychellesPraslin Island is known worldwide for its pristine and untouched beauty. This Seychelles island is hilly and has several huge as well as fantastically shaped volcanic rocks. Several water sports activities and adventures are organized near the immaculate Praslin beaches for tourists. Tourists can enjoy water sport activities such as snorkeling, diving, sailing, surfing, parasailing, sailing and several such. Diving is perfect for the people who love underwater marine creatures and plants. Usually, people here like diving to see and feel its coral reefs which are thousands of years old.

Snorkeling is another underwater activity that can be enjoyed by the tourists to feel the underwater beauty of the Praslin Island. Surfing is not possible on all areas because most of the beaches have shallow water. Parasailing is perfect for people who want to see the Praslin Island from the air. Parasailing means, a parachute pulled by a speed boat in the sea. Thus by parasailing, a person can enjoy the beauty from the top.

The blue lagoons of the Praslin Island, Seychelles are a home for more than nine hundred species of fishes. The nature parks of the Praslin Islands are famous for its scarce rare species of reptiles and plants. Some of the rarest species of wild lizards are found in the nature parks of the island. The stunning Vallee de Mai nature park if Praslin Island, Seychelles has got its place in the list of world heritage sites in the year 1984. Tourists like this place as it is a home for several vanilla Orchids and the Coco de Mer fruit.

The fruit Coco de Mer is only found on Praslin Island in the Vallee de Mai nature park. This extraordinary fruit is a palm tree fruit and in the past it had a great importance as it was considered as the fruit of knowledge.

Praslin Island has several world class resorts, villas and luxury hotels. The Praslin Island hotels and resorts are famous for their hospitality and services as well as have all the contemporary facilities. Most of the rooms of the hotels are sea facing giving a spectacular view of the blue lagoons to the tourists. The restaurants of Praslin Island offer all the delicacies to the tourists and they are masters in preparing the sea food. So, prepare yourself this season and head for the wonderful Praslin Island Seychelles to have memorable vacation will all the fun filled activities and water sport adventures.