Victoria Seychelles

The capital of Republic of Seychelles is the magnificent Victoria. The city is also known as the port Victoria and is located on the eastern side of the wonderful Mahe Island. The population of Victoria is around twenty four thousand but it has numerous attractions to offer its tourists. Victoria can be reached from anywhere in the world as it has its own Seychelles International Airport. The major economy of Victoria runs on tourism and the part is running on the export of tortoise shell, coconuts, vanilla, coconut oil, guano and soap. The people of Victoria are engaged in the agricultural activities such as growing of fruits and vegetables.

Victoria SeychellesVictoria is surrounded with several exotic beaches. The white sand beaches of Victoria are beautiful, safe, and secure and also offer numerous water sport activities. The weather of Victoria, Seychelles is tropical, making it the perfect place for tourism and water activities. Tourists come from all over the globe to revitalize their inner self in the serene beauty of Victoria. The water sports activities that are organized near the Victoria beaches are snorkelling, diving, yachting, sailing, surfing, and parasailing. Diving in the blue lagoons of Victoria, Seychelles gives a perfect chance to enjoy the untouched coral reefs. The live coral reef of the island is intact and offers a perfect beauty to the tourists.

Victoria, Seychelles has number of attractions to enjoy during your vacation. The clock tower located in the Victoria city is a model of Little Ben, England. It is the main attraction in Victoria as people can have a glimpse of this great structure. People who love exotic flora should visit the Victoria Botanical Garden. The Victoria Botanical Gardens has numerous exotic species of wild plants and trees. The Victoria Museum of History is another place for the people who like to go back in the olden times in the age of kings and queens. Tourists can also visit the Victoria Natural History Museum to see the most unique and ancient artefacts as well as sculptures. Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market is another great place to visit if you are interested in shopping and buying antique things.

The inner harbour of the Victoria, Seychelles is well known for tuna fishing. Several tuna canning industries are also established on the island and are the main source of income for numerous people. The Victoria Island is a great place to stay as it has numerous star rates resorts, hotels and villas. They offer excellent hospitality and facilities to the tourists. The hotels and resorts are well equipped and provide twenty four hours round the clock service as well as they also provide luxury services such as spa, Jacuzzi, gym, swimming pools and saloons.

Victoria, Seychelles has several restaurants that can offer you delicious delicacies and sea foods as well as they also offer traditional Seychelles food. With all the fun filled activities and adventures, Victoria, Seychelles is a wonderful place to spend vacation. Just book your tickets for this magnificent island and enjoy your vacation, and check the best Seychelles hotels to stay at the paradise!