Lemuria Resort Seychelles

The Lemuria Resort Seychelles is located on the Praslin Island and is one of the prime resorts in the entire region. The resort is famous because of its eighteen-hole championship golf course and also for its health and spa services. Located in the serene beauty of Praslin, the Lemuria Resort Seychelles has several fun-filled activities and adventures to offer to its tourists. The architecture of the resort is ultra modern and is constructed from the high quality indigenous materials. The Lemuria Resort has maintained its highest standards for its guests with all the luxury services and hospitality to offer.

The Lemuria Resort Seychelles is surrounded by the preserved beauty of the Praslin Island and is the perfect place to stay on your vacation. The nearby white sand Anse Kerlan beach is popular as it is the home for number of sea turtles. The Lemuria Resort is only five minutes run from the Praslin Airport. The resort is an idyllic destination for the tourists to stay in Praslin as all the major attractions of the island are only few minutes away. The resort is surrounded by the perfect lush green vegetations and the nearby landscapes are really overwhelming. The nearby secluded beaches make the resort a perfect place to stay on your vacation.
The Lemuria Resort’s main building is positioned on the sloppy hillside amidst the dark vegetation. The beautiful Anse Georgette and Kerlan beaches are located near the resort and also are an ideal hideout place. The Spa and Golf Resort welcomes all its guests exclusively in the endless tranquillity. All the rooms of the resort are constructed is such a way that the light enters in an emphasized way enhancing the surrounding beauty. The three level swimming pool of the Lemuria Resort is perfectly designed to relax and to have a real fun.

Lemuria Resort SeychellesThe Lemuria Resort Seychelles consists of several luxurious suites and rooms as well as are built using marble, wood, stone and pink granite. The specially designed junior suites give a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean and are located amidst the green gardens. The luxury suites of the resort are constructed keeping in view the privacy, harmony and intimacy of the guests. All the suites of the Lemuria Resort have big bedrooms, spacious bathrooms, private terraces, veranda, luxurious ceiling fan and lounges.

The Lemuria Resort Seychelles is spread over a hundred and one hectare as well as the suites are scattered over two pristine beaches of the island. The cuffs of the suites are just few meters away from the beach giving an extravagant view of the Blue lagoons. Some of the other facilities offered by the Lemuria Resort Seychelles are the hair dryer, bathrobes, IDD telephones, satellite TV, DVD player, separate shower, spa and Jacuzzis, gym, coffee and tea machines and several such.

The senior rooms of the Lemuria Resort are an ideal place to stay as they are spacious and offer ultra modern as well as contemporary facilities. The senior rooms are perfectly designed and are surrounded with stunning green vegetation. The Lemuria Resort Seychelles also offers several water sport activities such as yachting, snorkelling, sailing and diving. So, prepare yourself this season and get ready to experience the most memorable vacation of your life.