Garage Doors

When searching for and buying a garage door, it’s very important to examine the material, appearance, method of operation and construction. They are two kinds of garage doors – sectional roll-up and tilt-up. You can buy them with recessed panel or raised panel designs. Decision you make will certainly depend on budget, the garage structure and the design and you’ll probably need more than just one door if you have double garage.

Garage-door openers today offer safety devices which turn the door backwards if something breaks the light beam, electronic openers, security codes openers, door openers on key chains. Electronic openers also operate electronic devices and lights at home, or they can function as the lock of the garage, making it impossible for intruders to lift the door from the outside.

With all of the safety devices, one of the surprise frustrations electronic door openers bring is the inability to open during a power outage. Installing an emergency release kit on your garage door will enable you to open the door manually in the event that there is no power to operate it.

Garage doors were traditionally made of wood, but nowadays are available in different materials. Aluminum and steel are usually used, but also fiberglass is. The latter becomes incredibly popular, as it’s lightweight, and easy to maintain, but still strong enough. Weight is very important thing to considerate; light door is especially desirable if it’s big or if automatic system is installed. In case you plan to maintain and install them yourself, even those lightweight will be hard to deal with alone, so take care you have help during the installation. Don’t forget to think about the old garage doors. They are big items, and you’ll probably have to arrange things for the disposal.

Coroma offers industrial and garage doors. The company is in this industry for more than 50 years and besides doors, it manufactures a wide selection of associated mechanisms and hardware, and sells automation products and pieces. Coroma doors also sell controlled access and security for all kinds of applications from busy public parking garages to private homes, airport hangers, and commercial vehicle service centers, between many others.

Since its opening in 1987, the aim of Brano Industries is to manufacture and develop automatic garage door operators of advanced technology and of the highest quality, which would provide buyers with maximum reliability and performance. Still, Brano Industries is motivated and guided by the same philosophy and it has turned the company into the leading innovator of technology and automation of garage doors in both Southern Africa and around the world.

For more than 15 years, Securipower is involved in Automation Industrz and the Access Control. Over the years, they have developed the well supported and wide product collection and they continue to nurture and grow their relationships with end user base and also with Installer bases. Their well-established facilities give them opportunity to provide reasonably priced repairs which are fast and effective, but also to support all of their products, and allow them to develop their own in-house solutions and products.