Kitchen Design

Kitchen design is one of the most important aspects when it comes to setting up your home. Kitchen furniture not only includes the dining tables and chairs but also the cooking range and the kind of dishwasher that you would like your vessels to be rinsed in. It also includes the various cabinets and drawers that will store all your precious utensils. Every country has its own range of products that would satisfy the needs of their respective countries and the people. For example Indians don’t believe in the concept of a dishwasher but the Americans absolutely swear by it.

When it comes to South Africa, one of the most important brands that stand out is Weylandts. The brand shines through all categories including homeware, fashion and furniture. They have a wide range of furniture both for the indoors and outdoors. Most of their furniture items are made from a unique variety of wood but they also have a series of furniture in metal.

Weylandts is popularly known for their quality contemporary furniture and innovative kitchen designs. They are one of the leading furniture and decor retailers in South Africa. Their popularity grew when Weylandts was requested to furnish the prestigious opening of CNBC in South Africa and also when they sponsored the hit TV reality show Big Brother. The Shell Chair and Steam Lounger are two products that were imported by Weylandts that are still considered to be the most popular and iconic pieces till date.

Next in line in choosing the best brand for your kitchen furniture is something a little more unique. Milestone Kitchens offer a range of free standing kitchen units in four styles. They claim that the advantage of having individual pieces is much more that what you will get in fixed kitchen cabinets and furniture. Each piece is unique because it is built to your liking and specifications. Most of the units are made of solid pine and supawood. They do not have a showroom or a catalog but they do have the pictures of completed projects which clearly shows their perfection when it comes to kitchen designing. Milestone Kitchens only offer the best in pricing and also stress on the do-it-yourself concept which allows the customer to save on consultation, installation fees and delivery charges.

Our next option for kitchen furniture would be OK Furniture. The pieces that are available at OK Furniture are down to earth simple stuff which anyone would love to have in their very own kitchen. Ok Furniture swears by their customer service which means that they offer only the best when it comes to helping a customer find the perfect piece of furniture. They have over 550 stores all over South Africa and are a very popular household name. They also have a finance option which allows you to purchase furniture on installments and without deposits.

Other furniture brands would include Kitchen cupboards, Hollywood Kitchens and Furniture, OPPEIN South Africa and Woodform kitchens. All these brands have some of the most unique and exclusive design that would look perfect in any kitchen.