Web Hosting in South Africa

Before you are actually able to understand what web hosting services are, you need to know what the term “web hosting” means. Well, in common terms, web hosting is basically a part of internet hosting services that enables several individuals or companies all across the world to create a website of their own. After the website has been created, these services also help to put those websites up in the World Wide Web, where the rest of the world can access it as well. So, as you can see, the term’s meaning is pretty generic in nature.        

Utility of Web Hosting

Having said that, there are a few intricacies involved while dealing with web hosting services. The first and foremost thing that needs to be considered is why we need such hosting companies or services. The answer is pretty simple. Activities on the internet have improved a great deal in the past decade. Various e-commerce facilities are being set up in various parts of the world, with only one objective – to make our lives much easier than before.

So, it is pretty evident that the internet will slowly become the centre of attention for all large and small businesses and corporations across the globe. Thus, these types of web hosting services are required to provide accessibility to the internet. Without such services, any offline company would not be able to establish their domain in the online community, thereby missing out on plenty of important deals or businesses.

Different Types

Now, let’s focus on the different types of web hosting services available in South Africa. Actually there are plenty of web hosting services available to the general public. Among them, the most notable ones are mentioned below:

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) – This is a fairly common type of hosting method where different server resources are actually segregated into virtual servers.
  • Dedicated Servers – In this method, the user gets complete control over their website and web server via root access.
  • Cloud Hosting – In this case, the hosting platform actually functions based on several clustered load balanced servers, instead of a single unit. This is a new form of hosting.
  • Shared Hosting – This is the most affordable solutions for small websites.

Different services are offered via web hosting such file hosting, image or video hosting, as well as blog hosting with dedicated WordPress packages. Some of the most popular names in South Africa, providing web hosting services are Hetzner, WebAfrica, Afrihost, RSA Web, WebNow, and more.