Top Canadian Furniture Stores

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world yet due to its unique location, its closeness to the North Pole most of its area is not populated at all and all of its cities are located in its Southern areas. The former UK and French colony still preserves its European roots and it’s stacked with lots of multicultural cities all of which having a distinctive European flare to them. Canada is one of the best places to settle, as its economy is booming, it’s much more secure than the US which is still just a stone’s throw. In our article, we would like to help all those looking to buy furniture in this huge land. As we talk about one country’s offer on stores, we will enlist the brands that either you can find in every city or that ships to every city.

Crate and Barrel
If you are looking for a modern yet classy store that the prices of which are not up in the sky and has lots of cool stuff on offer, Crate and Barrel is just for you. The store is a huge favourite in all parts of Canada, offers both physical stores and an online shopping platform. Its offer consist of home furniture, garden and outdoor furniture, kitchen furniture, kids’ and baby furniture, bed and bathroom furniture and home decor and lighting items. Overall, the entire store offers the whole package, it has a constant Sale section and you can easily furnish a whole house with the furniture bought in here. Check it out.

Urban Barn
Another extra large chain of stores Urban Barn works with the same system as Crate and Barrell with a style that is similar yet not equal to its rival. Urban Barn concentrates more on offering wooden furniture while also keeping up with the latest trends and colour combinations. Also, the store does its best to keep in touch with its customers, by organizing competitions, giving out awards, having lots of sales and keeping a blog too. Urban Barn is the primary destination to go for most Canadians. The website does not yet offer online shopping but the brand has literally dozens of stores countrywide.

Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids
If you would like to see a magical place looking at which the kitschiest and warmest Christmas celebrations or wide green fields come to mind, you ought to visit at least the website of Pottery Barn which is simply a fantastic place to go. A place where you would just want to buy everything and the only thing stopping you is the price. Luckily, in the sales section, you can always find some treasure. Pottery Barn Kids offers lovely baby to teen furniture sets and is currently the best in the business. Check out Pottery Barn if you want a home that has a great cosy feel to it. The latest hot offer of the store is Kilim furniture and accessories furthermore this is one of the rare places that just has it all.

Restoration Hardware
Although Restoration Hardware is not a Canadian chain of stores, we cannot help but write about it. The reason for that is the exclusiveness and the sheer beauty of its furniture, specifically its rustic furniture made out of reclaimed wood. Check out its extra large rustic tables. You can also choose the shade you would like to get furniture in. A fantastic concept offering not just home furniture but also kitchen , outdoor, specific small places furniture, baby and child furniture, leather furniture, it has a great upholstery service, linens and further textiles, bathroom furniture and sanitary products, tableware and “objects of curiosity”. RH has stores in all the big cities of Canada.

Moe’s Furniture
This furniture store has just everything on offer and the good thing about it, is that it offers a fantastic variety of wooden and leather furniture. The store keeps itself up to date with the latest trends therefore you can get to see lots of MCM, vintage inspirations in its creations. This makes Moe’s different from the general furniture stores and the best thing is that you can get to find its stores just everywhere in Canada.

Of course there are a lot more furniture stores in Canada, you can get to check La-Z-Boy or Briers too both of which have a huge variety of home furniture. Check out our main offers for first and you will not get disappointed.