Barbados Diving

This is the ideal place for year-round Barbados diving and scuba diving and there are several dive operators in the area who provide equipment, advice, and guided tours to ensure that you have a happy diving experience. All the dive sites are within an hour’s drive of the capital city of Bridgetown. Divers can expect diving up to depth of 30-100 feet where they can see a wide variety of marine life.

Most of the diving sites in Barbados are located between Bridgetown and St. Lawrence Gap. Though Barbados is ideal for diving throughout the year, the best time for diving are the summer months when the weather is consistent and the visibility ranges from 70 -100 feet.

There are 25 sites for Barbados diving and scuba diving which are located between 1 to 2 miles from the shore and they contain large coral heads which form the home for thousands of fish and turtles. The reefs are home to Seahorses, Frog Fish, Giant Sand Eels, and many other marine creatures.

You will find a number of wrecks and reefs nearby which are ideal for diving and snorkeling.

•    SS Stavronikita – a destroyed 365 foot freighter that was deliberately sunk to form an artificial reef and which lies in 120 feet of water.
•    Frairs Craig – a 100 foot freighter that was sunk and lies in 55 feet of water.
•    Carlisle Bay – this is the site for numerous wrecks and is an ideal place for diving.
•    Pamir – a wreck which is 165 feet long and lies at a depth of 60 feet.

•    Bell Buoy – This reef is popular for its brown coral forests and schools of fish.
•    Shark Bang – This coral reef reaches depths of 135-145 feet. You will enjoy seeing sea turtles and parrot fish.
•    Maycocks Bay – This is a place where you have large coral reefs and you can see Rays and barracudas.

Do visit Barbados and enjoy the thrill, feel the magic, and experience the excitement of Barbados diving and scuba diving.