Tennis in Barbados

Tennis is a sport that is enjoyed universally by one and all regardless of age, sex, nationality, or social status. It is an extremely popular game without any boundaries and therefore, tennis is making a major comeback in Barbados and everyone is being encouraged to take up the game. The Barbados Tennis Association is making all-out efforts to popularize the game. Funds are being raised to finance local teams and the association is on the lookout for international sponsors to help organize domestic tournaments.

For many vacationers, an ideal vacation would include playing a game or two of tennis in the pleasant weather of beautiful Barbados. There are a number of hotels which offer tennis facilities and tennis packages. You could check out the following hotels which offer excellent tennis courts and facilities:

•    Sandy Lane Resort: Vacationers who love tennis will just love this hotel. It has 117 rooms and boasts of 6 courts. This is extremely suitable for people who would like to explore the island during the day and play tennis in the evenings as this hotel has flood-lit courts.

•    Royal Westmoreland Hotel: This hotel is a good choice for tennis lovers. There are 36 rooms and 3 courts and you have the facility of enjoying evening matches.

•    Discovery Bay Hotel: Tennis lovers would prefer this hotel which has 80 guest rooms and 2 courts.

Other hotels which boast of tennis courts are Fairmont Royal Pavilion, Crystal Cove Hotel, Coral Reef Club and numerous other hotels. You will find that there are a number of public and private tennis facilities and many of the tennis courts have facilities for night play.

Authorities and players are hopeful that some tennis celebrity matches would be held here and leading world players would play a visit to Barbados which would give tennis in Barbados a boost.