Barbados Attractions

Though Barbados is a relatively small island, there is a lot to explore and hence you should consider renting a car. You will be surprised to see that there is so much to discover and see on the island. History is very much associated with this discovery of the island which will tell you all about the ancient buildings, natural caves and underwater caves. Barbados is an island which has immense natural beauty and full of flora and fauna. See that you do not miss out on any of the Barbados attractions. Be a part of Bajan life of the towns and villages and enjoy the experience.

Mentioned below are some of the tourists attractions of Barbados which you cannot afford to miss:

Andromeda Botanical Gardens: The Andromeda Botanical Gardens is one of Barbados attractions and is located in the parish of St. Joseph. It is a 6-acre garden where you will find many exotic varieties of orchids, palms, ferns, hibiscus, begonias, and cacti. The beauty of the flowers and the garden is accentuated by the presence of a splendid stream which divides the garden and forms delightful pools and waterfalls.

Flower Forest: This man-made forest is man’s tribute to nature. Step into the forest and feel the humidity around you; smell the soil which transports you to a different world altogether. See the Heliconia and you will be amazed, the three-foot begonias will take you by surprise, and the towering trees will leave you astonished.

Barclays Park: This is a 50-acre park which is located on the east coast was inaugurated by HM Queen Elizabeth II in 1966 when the island gained independence. This is an excellent avenue for picnics and parties.

Folkestone Marine Park: The park has an artificial reef which was created by sinking an old ship which had been destroyed. The ship is now located at a depth of 120 feet about half a mile from the shore. Divers come here for diving and snorkeling.

Harrison’s Cave: Harrison’s Cave, which has been described as a unique natural phenomenon, has an incredible formation of stalactites which hang from the roof, and stalagmites which emerge from the ground. It can be called as one of the important Barbados attractions. Visitors are driven in electrically operated trams throughout the extent of the caves. At the lowest point, walk alongside a spectacular waterfall and feel the wonder.

Turners Hall Woods: This is a 50-acre site located in St. Andrew Parish. The woods contain those trees which once covered Barbados before human settlement there. You can see magnificent trees like Sand Box, Silk cotton, Fustic, Trumpet Tree and Locust.

Chancery Lane Swamp: This is a protected area and it is home to a number of migrating shorebirds such as heron and egrets. Many of these migrating birds rest here during their migration to South America. It is also a nesting area for the Pelican, Blue Heron, and Frigate Bird.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve: The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is located in a natural mahogany forest very near the Farley Hill National Park in the parish of St. Peter. Stroll freely through the Reserve and watch a variety of animals in their own and natural environment.

Ocean Park: Ocean Park is an incredible attraction that attracts the young and the old alike and brings you face to face with freshwater and tropical marine life.  You will especially enjoy the Touch Pool where you can pick up a host of sea creatures such as conchs and sea cucumbers. You can view sharks, rays, eels, and other tropical fish at close quarters.

These are some of the most prominent Barbados attractions. Make sure that you do not miss out on any of these attractions, lest you regret it for a lifetime.