Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Would you like to have a close look at the Green Monkey or would you like to admire the beautiful colors of the majestic peacocks from close quarters? Perhaps, you would like to make an in-depth study of the habits of some of the animals. Whatever be your reason, you should definitely plan a trip to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. The animals roam about freely in a magnificent mahogany forest. Now, don’t you think this a better way of seeing these animals than in cages? This reserve is a tropical sanctuary for some of the wild life species, some of which are threatened species.

Barbados now has an attraction that is definitely better than a zoo – it has a huge wildlife reserve that features innumerable Caribbean wildlife species. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is situated in the parish of St. Peter. It is located just opposite the Farley Hill National Park. The reserve is very conveniently located as it is just a 20 minute drive from the capital city of Bridgetown. The unique feature of this wildlife reserve is that all the wildlife in the park move about freely. Do not be surprised to see large turtles, green monkeys, deer, or armadillos moving about freely.  But, do not have any apprehensions or fear of seeing snakes slithering up your legs or sitting around your neck. Here, the snakes are not allowed to move about freely, but kept in glass cages.

Barbados Wildlife ReserveThe Barbados Wildlife Reserve serves as a home to wild animals and birds in their natural habitat where you can see animals eating, playing, and communicating with each other. Keenly observe how these animals communicate with other forms of wildlife. The Green Monkeys are animals that are worth watching. See them having fun as they swing from branch to branch along with other monkeys. If you have the time, wait till their feeding time and you will observe them eating fresh fruits and grains. Do you know that these active monkeys have the liberty to come and go as they please?  Some of these monkeys go out of the reserve in the morning and come back for lunch late in the afternoon.

The other types of wild life that you can find in the Barbados Wildlife Reserve are birds that include peacocks, parrots, flamingos, and various types of other birds. Do make it a point to see the state-of-the-art aviary where you will be able to see different species of birds in their own habitat. Not only will you able to see these exotic and rare birds, but you will also see common birds like the sparrows and pelicans in the reserve.

What makes the Barbados Wildlife Reserve so unique and so special? You have the opportunity to see the wildlife in Barbados moving about freely in the reserve without being put in cages.  Though most of the children would prefer looking only  at the Green monkeys, there are other species of wildlife in the reserve such as the Patagonian Mara, the Red Brocket Deer, Agouti, Cayman, Armadillo, and a few other animals which would find interesting. You could be lucky to spot a mongoose or two. Have a look at the snakes and iguanas which are kept in enclosures. Enjoy the sight of the multi-plumed parrots, pink flamingos, peacocks, and brown pelicans.

Your visit to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve will help support a project which aims at conserving and protecting the wildlife of Barbados.