Babrados Beaches

Barbados is a small beautiful island nation in the West Indies. Though it lies in the Atlantic Ocean, it is considered as the easternmost islands of the Caribbean Sea. The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown and it is located on the Caribbean side of the island. Barbados beaches can be seen everywhere, but along the east coast the seas are rough, while along the south and east coast, the seas are calm and mild.

Barbados beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and, in fact you can see some of the best beaches in the world. The island of Barbados is a coral island and its beaches are made from finely ground coral. All beaches in Barbados are open to public – there are no private beaches here.

Details of some of the Barbados beaches are given here:

•    Accra Beach: It is one of the longest and widest beaches on the south coast where the waves are moderate. The beach is always busy and active.
•    Bath: This beach could be called as one of the safest swimming beaches along the entire Atlantic side. A life guard is present most of the time. Medium to small waves can be seen here.
•    Bathsheba: This is a very popular beach with vacationers and locals alike. There are several restaurants and hotels in the area for your convenience.
•    Long Beach: This beach stretches for more than a mile. There are not many facilities here, but you can have the beach all to yourself as the beach is a bit isolated.
•    Bottom Bay: This place is located north of the famous Sam Lord’s Castle and you will see that the bay is protected by jagged and rough cliffs. There is a wide sandy beach lined by coconut trees. You get the feeling that this beach is a bit isolated.
•    Cattlewash: It is the longest beach on the island and it is popular place for sightseeing due to its rough and rugged coast. The beach is very long and it is an absolutely wonderful place for nature lovers. But, be careful when you are swimming – the waves are quite rough and there is a strong undercurrent. This was a bathing spot for cattle in the olden days – hence the name.
•    Crane Beach: Many people consider this as one the island’s best beaches. In fact, it was rated as one of the top ten beaches of the world in “The Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous”. The waves are quite big here, but you can swim in the cove which is quite safe.
•    Dover Beach: The Dover Beach lies at the southern end of the St. Lawrence Gap. This is also a popular beach.
•    Folkstone Beach: This beach is located one mile north of Holetown in St. James Parish. You will find the government run Folkstone Marine Park, exhibits of the island’s fishing industry, and a salt water aquarium.  You can see a number of water-related activities and sports. The underwater-park zone extends from Sandy Lane to Colony Club.
•    Paradise Beach: The Paradise Beach is located next to the Brighton beach and the both the beaches are separated just by a wooden partition.
•    Paynes Bay: This is a small beach which has water sports and parking facilities. You also find a number of eateries here. The water here is calm and there is no undertow.

Take time off and visit Barbados to enjoy the beautiful Barbados beaches.