Cannon Galore

Barbados has the world’s rarest and largest collection of 17th century English iron cannons which are a part of the National Ordnance Collection. This collection boasts of more than 400 cannons which are available on Barbados. The National Ordnance Collection was created and all the old cannons on the island were unearthed and displayed at the Old Garrison in Silver Sands. The collection of Cannon Galore is something that you just cannot miss out on.

It is said that the Caribbean is full of secrets and Barbados is no exception. It was recently revealed to the world that Barbados has the world’s rarest collection of 17th century English cannons. But, do you know how the National Ordnance Collection came into being and what was the reason for the formation? The island was actually littered with old cannons so much so that you could see cannons everywhere. You could find cannons in gardens, in cellars, on beaches, and in buildings. That is when an idea formed in Major Michael Hartland’s head and he decided to get all the cannons to one place and exhibit it. He was the person responsible for the collection’s acquisition.  One does wonder why there are so many cannons on the island. Major Michael has explained that Barbados was an important military base during the 17th and 18th centuries which was the reason for the presence of so many cannons and for the formation of Cannon Galore.

The National Ordnance Collection, which is also known as the National Cannon Collection has the largest grouping of the 17th century English cannons in the world. The cannons are mostly British, but Dutch, Swedish, and Spanish cannons have also been found. The collection includes some very rare cannon such as the Victoria Gun, the first English rifled muzzled loader, and the Commonwealth Gun. The Commonwealth gun is one of the two cannons in the world containing Cromwell’s Republican Arms. After his death, all of his possessions were ordered to be destroyed. The cannon in Barbados with his crest is believed to be the only cannon which has remained undestroyed.

Once a fair number of cannons had been collected, Charles Trollope who is a top-most authority on ordnance was invited to Barbados to catalogue the collection. It was found that most of the cannon were made in the 17th century. The oldest cannon was cast in 1620 and the latest in 1870. Twenty six cannon of the collection are mounted in front of the Main Guard House and form part of the collection of Cannon Galore.

Barbados is an island which is situated in the Caribbean Sea. It is the ideal destination for a vacation or a holiday. Many newly married couples make the island their honeymoon destination. The island offers a number of comfortable and luxurious accommodations in the form of hotels, apartels, guesthouses, and villas. Do make Barbados your holiday or vacation destination. But, when you are here, do not miss to see the Cannon Galore.