Ocean Park Barbados

Ocean Park Barbados is an exceptional marine aquarium which has been set up in a park with a completely relaxing atmosphere. The park is set in a beautiful garden that is filled up with lush green flower plants. This kind of vegetation is indicative of the vegetation that you see on beach fronts or the vegetation that grows on sea side gardens. Here, you can see the beautiful and amazing underwater world of Barbados which is presented to you through a number of aquatic displays. The aquarium displays beautiful colored exotic fishes and other marine species found in and around the Caribbean islands as well as a lot of unique species found around the world. This exquisitely designed facility is an ideal venue for all types of gatherings – celebrations, parties, and corporate events. You can also perform a wedding here and you can be sure that the guests would definitely be delighted.

oceanparkbarbadosThe Ocean Park Barbados is an exceptional attraction that brings to you at close quarters the fascinating underwater world of Barbados – and you don’t have to get wet. Here, at the park you will see a wonderful collection of Caribbean freshwater and tropical marine life. You will enjoy a complete interactive experience with feeding demonstrations, displays, and talks. You will have a mesmerizing experience when you walk through an underwater tunnel. The Marine Park & Aquarium also has a play area. ‘Shark Bites’ is a restaurant and snack bar which serves a delicious selection of sandwiches, salads, pastas, burgers, hotdogs, pizza, and a wide selection of beverages. ‘Something Fishy’ is a souvenir shop that you find there. Children will enjoy the ‘Splash Zone’, the ‘Ray Encounter’, and the ‘Jungle Aviaryat’.

Step into the Ocean Park Barbados and you enter a totally different world altogether. Explore the wonderful and fascinating world of fishes, corals, and shells. Have you ever visualized or seen the life in and around the Amazon River. Here, you can actually see the river-life of the Amazon River at ‘Freshwater Falls’ including the most dreaded Piranha. Come to the ‘Ray Pool’ where you can feed and pet the rays. Do not be afraid – you do all this under the supervision of the park staff.

You will find the ‘Pirate Adventure’ which is the miniature golf course. It has a 2-nine hole mini course, a club house, ponds, and – don’t be surprised – waterfalls. Kids would enjoy watching over their booty from their lookouts, the sunken galleon, and the picnic tables. The ‘Touch Pool’ is the place where you will find exotic species such as the horseshoe crab, giant conchs, sea cucumber, and starfish and yes, you can touch them.

There is something special about the Ocean Park Barbados. You can walk all the way through a stone cave and reach out to the back of a waterfall. You can also admire the beautiful koi fishes and sea horses. You will find a number of displays at the Ocean Park, which include freshwater falls, freshwater ponds, ray pool, rocky coast, living reef, touch pool, ocean encounter and a lot of other interesting displays. A special aspect of the Ocean Park is that these exhibits are changed frequently to ensure variation.

The Ocean Park Barbados is just 6 minutes away from Grantley International Airport off the ABC Highway. The park is open daily from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm in summer and from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm in winter. Your trip to Barbados is not complete without a visit to the Ocean Park Barbados.