Hastings is a small village located on the south west coast in the parish of Christ Church Barbados. It is an attractive beach resort with beautiful white sandy beaches. The village of Hastings which is situated to the east of Bridgetown developed as a result of St. Annes Fort where the British Garrison was based in the 18th century. The fort is located quite closed to Hastings. The village is very conveniently located in between Bridgetown and St. Lawrence Gap. Bridgetown, which is a shopper’s paradise, is just a ten-minute drive from Hastings. St. Lawrence Gap, which is famous for its vibrant and exciting night life, is quite close from Hastings. The magnificent Accra Beach is just a couple of miles from Hastings. You can try windsurfing from here or just soak up some of the pure atmosphere.

Hastings BarbadosThere are a number of hotels and resorts in and around Hastings to suit your style and fit your budget. The Picturesque Beach Front Barbados is a beautiful 2-bedroom condo with 2 balconies which overlook the ocean. You can enjoy the gorgeous sunset from your balcony. The Pirates Hotel is a small family-run hotel managed by professional and friendly staff. The Hotel Allamanda Beach Hotel which has 50 rooms is located on the calm and serene south coast of Barbados. The Coconut Court Beach Hotel is again a family-run affair which has a beautiful beach front location and a pleasant atmosphere.

Hastings is one of the first tourist resorts of the island which came up in the 18th century. This is a perfect holiday and tourist destination with its sun-swept white sand beaches, palm trees, and lush green vegetation. And you will find peace and tranquility everywhere around you. There are a number of restaurants here which serve international cuisine or the traditional Bajan fare.

You can take a tour of the island which is an incredible experience. You will be taken by a 4W drive vehicle. But, a word of caution – it is not for the weak hearted or people suffering from back problems or heart complaints. They take you all across the island and you are on the road for most of the day. The guides are extremely good and take excellent care of you. It is a great experience and you will see fantastic views, some of which you will not forget.

You can take a catamaran cruise from Hastings. It is a cruise that you cannot afford to miss. It is just one-day trip, but you get involved in a lot of activities. You can swim with the fish and observe their antics. Swim with the beautiful and magnificent turtles – it is an experience that you will remember for a long, long time. You will be taken snorkeling and this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Explore the mysteries and the magic of the deep. Watch the beautiful coral reefs, and see the old shipwrecks which have contributed to the formation of the artificial reefs. If you feel that getting involved in all these activities is too tiring, just relax in the warm sun and take a nap. You will enjoy the lunch on the catamaran. It is a very relaxed event and you will certainly do justice to the Bajan feast that will be laid before you.