Barbados Flights

Barbados is a beautiful island with an extent of 430 sq kms located in the Caribbean. The beautiful island which is divided into 5 regions has Bridgetown as its capital. Barbados is also known as ‘the real fantasy island’.  It had been under the British rule for more than 300 years till its independence in 1966. The capital of Bridgetown is an extremely modern city and boasts of all amenities and facilities. The island is a committed democracy has one of the highest rates of literacy. Barbados reveals a fine blend of African and British cultures which can be seen in every phase and aspect of their lives. African influence can be felt everywhere – in art, in craft, in music, and in literature. Many travelers do visit the island to enjoy its beauty, but they do make sure to book their Barbados flights well in advance.

The tourist services to and on the island of Barbados are very well developed. There are a number of airlines, which offer excellent services to this Caribbean island. You will find that the island has a number of 5-star hotels, apartments, resorts, and villas, all of which provide luxurious and comfortable accommodation to fit your budget. The Barbados National Trust has restored many old and heritage buildings to their original splendor.

Tourists are wonder struck by the beauty of the island of Barbados and the surrounding islands. The Caribbean island of Barbados has some unique and beautiful underwater caves, whose beauty has to be seen to be believed. These caves are a prized treasure trove for photographers, divers, snorkelers, and naturalists. Many adventure travelers come to Barbados exclusively for diving and snorkeling in the calm waters of the island. These travelers make it a point to book their Barbados flights and accommodation on the island well in advance and avoid disappointment.

A number of prominent international airlines operate regular flights to Barbados. Some of the airlines which operate flights are Emirates Airlines, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Air India, US Airways, and Lufthansa. Finding Barbados flights from North America or Europe is extremely easy – just get on to the internet and complete your on-line booking with the help of your credit card. That is it! Your booking is done and all that you have to do is turn up at the airport on the day of departure and enjoy your flight. British Airways has regular flights to Barbados which land at the island’s Grantley Adams International Airport which is just ten km away from the capital of Bridgetown. US Airways operates US Airways Vacations with special all-inclusive packages for holiday makers and vacationers. Apart from online booking and web check-in, the passengers can also avail the benefit of kiosk check-in which can be done from selected US airports. If you are traveling from Canada, just go to WestJet or Air Canada and they will take care of all your travel arrangements. WestJet which is famous for its low fares operates non-stop flights 4 times a week to Barbados from Toronto.

After your Barbados flights, the fastest way to reach the capital is by taxi. If you do not have much luggage, you can take the bus to your hotel which is a cheaper option. The bus stop is on the road just outside the airport. Right from the moment you step into Barbados, you are an honored and welcome guest. Barbados awaits your arrival to take care and pamper you.