Dominican Republic Beaches

As it is the second largest country in the Caribbean, one would expect that the Dominican Republic has plenty to offer in terms of enjoyable beaches. Thankfully, these expectations do not need to be quashed in the relentless pursuit of realism; the Dominican Republic does indeed feature some of the most spectacular beaches one is ever likely to see. Due to the Caribbean location and an ideal tropical climate, these beaches are also available to be enjoyed almost all year round.

The vast majority of the Dominican Republic beaches are formed from brilliant white sand, largely due to the large amounts of coral and shell in the area. These heat of the beaches – which the white sand, in a reflective effect, magnifies and makes beaches hotter than inland – is contained somewhat with large coconut trees. These tall palms help to provide a welcome break from the relentless heat, though umbrellas and other tourist amenities are available at all beaches where required.

Dominican Republic BeachesIf you enjoy water sports and a feeling of luxury amenities on a beach, you are probably best to head for the stunning La Minitas Beach. Though several miles from most major tourist resorts, there are regular connecting buses and the beach is one of the most popular on the island. Fine grains of soft white sand make up the beach itself, while the aforementioned shade providing palm trees are much in evidence.

At La Minitas, it’s all about water sports There is so much to do and see here, one could spend an entire fortnight’s holiday just exploring the joys of this one beach – something which many people actually do! There is the usual fare of water sports available, as well as some of the most specialist pursuits such as kayaking and power boating Fishing trips can be arranged from the beach itself, allowing tourists to spread their wings and see the island from another dimension.

The second beach worthy of special attention is Bayahibe, near La Romana, which due its proximity to many resort complexes has become one of the most popular beaches in the world. There are two wildlife reserves, Catalina and Saona, within the beach area itself – which should guide one to realize that this is a fantastic beach for those fond of snorkelling and diving. The variety of marine life available under the waves is beyond imagination, and most snorkelling and diving equipment – provided you are certified, in the case of diving – can be hired directly from the beach itself. Bayahibe is largely undeveloped, and while close to tourist locations, the sheer size of it mean that seclusion is absolutely possible – ideal if you like to escape from the crowds. As with all Dominican Republic beaches, the sand is soft and white and the palm trees are plentiful.

These two beaches – Bayahibe and La Minitas – are only two of the wonders of the Dominican Republic beaches. Visit for yourself and discover this amazing location, with beaches so splendid you’ll just want to keep returning.