Fun City Action Park

Located within the Caribbean paradise of Dominican Republic, Fun City Action Park is a place of laughter and entertainment guaranteed to thrill the entire family. The park itself is a tourist trap, offering fun and stimulating activities for all ages in a safe and engaging environment.

There is much to see and do at Fun City Action Park. The park claims to be ‘world class’ in the go-karting it provides, giving the opportunity for holidaying children and parents to enjoy a day spent cruising around a custom designed track in one of their specialist go karts.

Fun City Action Park really is a place for the racing enthusiast, be it for a child with a passion for cars or an adult who is really just a big kid. The opportunity to tear around the park is one that makes this a popular tourist and local day out, and one that need not break the bank in the process.

Unlike many European fun parks, Fun City is dedicated to giving value for money. There is something in their determination to provide a fun day out that all can remember with glee, rather than wincing upon discovering the cost to the wallet that such a day can take. The park is also regulated with the highest safety standards, using techniques and training direct from the USA. Once again, Fun City Action Park has taken the decision to preserve memories of a day out by enduring all activity is done safely and securely – meaning memories will be far more valuable.

There is much to do at Fun City, all themed around motor vehicles of some kind. Depending on age of the driver, there are several options for the vehicles that can be driven around the tracks. For the young – or just the young at heart! – there are the aforementioned go karts, Sprint cars and midget cars to be enjoyed. A thorough safety briefing is included with each booked racing session, and gear such as jump suits and helmets is included in the park admission.

For the older generation, there is a chance to experience a thrill worthy of the Formula One circuit; Fun City Action Park also have a range of top specification Grand Prix cars. Providing you are old enough – over 25 is usually the standard – and carry a driving license, you can soon be enjoying a spin in one of these high quality motors.

There is also family based fun, such as bumper cars, picnic areas and gift shops that will reduce children to the most powerful aspects of pester power! However, again due to the reasonable pricing, this need not be a concern. Upon entering the park, one purchases an all inclusive Racing Pass, which means you can race what you want, for as long as you want, for the duration of your stay. These cost just $15 US for an adult, and $10 for a child.

A visit to Fun City Action Park is therefore a stimulating and exciting day out, breaking the normal holiday routine of the average family. Shuttle buses run to the park from across the island, with notable stopping points at Playa Dorada, Cofresi, Riu and Sousua. Most hotels will provide information on the park and routes to reach it, either by foot if you’re lucky to be close enough, or to the nearest shuttle bus stop. The bus ride changes seasonally, but for a family of four should cost no more than $15.

Go early and enjoy Fun City Action Park for as long as possible, living the dream of being a motor racing driver, all bathed in the sunshine of the beautiful Dominican Republic.