Ocean World Adventure Park

The Ocean World Adventure Park likes to describe itself as the biggest attraction in the Caribbean; an area, one must agree, that is not exactly short on attractions. For such a recommendation to be encouraged, there must be some truth to it – meaning the Ocean World Adventure Park is a very, very special place indeed.

Located near to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, the Ocean World Adventure Park is a fun and exciting day out, themed around naval adventures. There is so much to see and do at the park that many families find themselves returning twice in one holiday, so as to enjoy the fun at their own leisure. However long you have on your holiday to dedicate to enjoying the park, however, it will not disappoint.

The Ocean World part of the park is akin to Sea Life Centers in Europe and America – just much better. Rather than just viewing the various marine wildlife that lives within the park, visitors are actively encouraged to join in and interact, giving a real life and up close experience quite unlike anything most people ever have the chance to enjoy. Just a few of the attractions available to see and enjoy are; the tiger pool and show, the rain forest and accompanying bird aviary, the sharks and stingrays, the dolphins, the swimming designated reef and the performing sea lions.

Interaction through the park comes in a variety of forms; sometimes through simple observational, sometimes through being able to look, feel and touch the animals and most often through observing a performing show the animals star in. A particular favorite is the sea lion show, while the tigers are also enduringly popular.

Ocean World Adventure ParkAnother highlight is the designated swimming with dolphins experience, a joyous event that few get the chance to experience in their lifetimes. Swim alongside these stunning marine creatures and observe them in their natural habit of the water, watching in awe as they perform simple tricks and skills for your enjoyment. You can also spend time watching them feed and relax from viewing platforms, or simple relax with one during a swimming session, petting them like one almost would a domestic cat!

While the animals are the undisputed reason behind any visit to the Ocean World Adventure Park, there are other things to do and see on site. There are a number of restaurants and cafes which allow for the experience to last all day, as well as gift and souvenir shops including those that specialize in printing photographs of any memorable experiences with the wildlife.

All this fun and animal excitement does, however, come at a cost – though one that is repaid in the wealth of memories it will provide. Standard admission into the park for adults is $55 for an adult, or $40 for any child under the age of 13. Prices for the most up close encounters with sea lions or dolphins are additional, starting at $70.00 for sea lions and rising to $115 for the dolphins. The magical dolphin swimming session is separate again, costing $125.00 for a child and $165.00 for an adult. Tickets can be purchased from most hotels or the park itself on the day of your visit.