Juan Dolio

Juan Dolio is a town in the Dominican Republic, located on the southern coast with spectacular views across the warm Caribbean Sea. Though there is some local residential presence, the area is predominantly dedicated to the tourism industry and the beach of Juan Dolio itself. The beach is an unaltered strip of coastline, promising fine white sands and spectacular seas views onto the clear blue sea.

Juan Dolio - Dominican RepublicJuan Dolio beach and area is well located on the islands of Dominican Republic, as it is around 30 minutes drive from the hot spot and capital city of the nation, Santo Domigo. There are numerous transport links, including shuttle buses from major Santo Domingo hotels as well as public transport and taxis, that put it as a primary destination for anyone staying in the popular capital. Like with most of the Dominican Republic, the major sector of industry is tourism.

There is a high luxury presence in Santo Domingo, mainly brought on by the economic triumphs in Europe of the 1980s. With the Western world producing more wealth than ever before, the trend for foreign holidays continued apace and a new en vogue destination was required. An attempt was eventually made to turn Juan Dolio into a makeshift Caribbean Riviera, capitalizing on short flights times from Europe and the United States.

This endeavor was at least partially successful, and brought about an increased wealth and cultural significance to what had once been a sleepy coastal stretch of the Dominican Republic. Luxury villas were built seemingly in bulk and at alarming speed, as the area struggled to supply the relentless demand for properties of splendor The general economy in the area received a huge cash boost from wealthy foreign visitors, and unemployment levels dropped as many found roles either building or maintaining the new properties. All inclusive resorts for those foreign tourists who only wanted to visit once also began to appear.

A major step forward was with the building of a luxury golf course, with helped all the more with the public relations of Juan Dolio. The course was named Metro Country Club’s Los Marlins Golf Course, though locally is merely referred to as the golf course – the official name is something of a mouthful, after all. The course was designed by Charles Ankrom, an award winning course designer who had worked on some of the professional championship courses; part of the extraordinarily long name incorporates his surname. The course boasts 18 championship standard holes, with a par of 72, and also incorporates smaller rounds for less experienced players.

If golf is not quite to your liking, there is plenty more to see and do in Juan Dolio. There is, of course, the magnificent beach which is surrounded by shade providing palm trees. One can indulge in water sports in the Caribbean Sea, such as wind surfing and snorkelling For baseball fans, you can also take a day trip to see the Campos Las Palmas; which currently serves as the Dominican Republic recruiting ground for professional baseball team, Los Angeles Dodgers.