Playa Dorada

Holidays are meant to be all about relaxing, when it really comes down to it, and the less you have to concern yourself with when holidaying, the more relaxing your break will be. This is why so many people still enjoy going on all-inclusive breaks, and will even spend more for such a break than it would cost to arrange certain things themselves. For some, it just makes sense to put things in the hands of professionals, and allow themselves to simply enjoy the relaxing break without having to worry overmuch about the pettifogging details. This does require a modicum of trust, of course. What if you leave it all to the experts and are not happy with what they lay on? Would you trust them to put it right if it was they who got it wrong to begin with?

Playa Dorada - Dominican RepublicJudging by the number of people who continue to go to Playa Dorada, there is no need to worry about being poorly served in this wonderful part of the Dominican Republic. At a short distance from the beautiful port of Puerta Plata, the gated beach resort of Playa Dorada (so named for reasons that are obvious when you translate it into English – it means “Golden Beach”) is the country’s most popular all-inclusive resort community. It contains twelve separate resorts, all with their own differing packages laid on, and in almost all cases food, beverages and accommodation are included in the price. It is then left up to you simply to decide which package looks the best to you. The fact that they are all so close together, and that it is a gated community, means that there will always be competition between resorts. And as we know, a competitive marketplace means the only guaranteed winner is the customer.

There is so much to see and do at Playa Dorada that your most difficult decision will be working out which resort you want to stay at and which entertainment package you want to avail yourself of. If you just want to relax on the beach then you will be more than welcome to – with 2km of sand there is more than enough for everyone. If you want to get out and get active, however, there is a dedicated shopping mall with its own restaurants (if you fancy a break from what’s on offer at the resort). There are clubs for tennis, golf and horseback riding too.

The number of things laid on for you might tempt you to stay in the resort at all times. This would be a mistake, however, because just five kilometers to the west there is the magnificent scenery and sight-seeing of Puerto Plata, something that you really should see at close quarters. With the golden beach and the silvery port so close together, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy two precious experiences in one go, and you can be sure you will never look back.