Punta Cana

Anyone who reads much about the tourist destinations of the Dominican Republic will know that one thing above all else defines the tourist economy of this nation – its beaches. As much as you hear about the wonderful beaches within Mexico and Hawaii – and they are wonderful, there is no doubt – the Dominican Republic’s beaches are truly a sight to behold. If you were making a checklist of what you want from a beach, the three most important things would in all probability be quality of sand, quality of sea and quality of scenery. A quick look at the beaches of the Dominican Republic shows how well they match up to this check list in all respects, and why people pour into the country from all over the world to enjoy.

Punta Cana - Dominican RepublicOf all the wonderful beaches in the country, some of the very best are located in Punta Cana – one of the ultimate tourist centers of the Dominican Republic and a place that contains so many tourist resorts that if one does not appeal to you, there will be another within a stone’s throw that does appeal very much. Bavaro Beach has been dubbed by some experts as being every bit the equal of anything that you would find in Mexico or Hawaii, due in no small part to its shimmering white sand, deep blue ocean and the greenery that surrounds it. Although Bavaro is widely accepted to be the finest beach in the country, there are many other ones nearby. Wherever you go in Punta Cana there will be a world class beach close enough to be seen with the naked eye.

Two million tourists per year pour into the Dominican Republic via Punta Cana International Airport – indeed, almost uniquely, it often outnumbers the main airport of the capital city (Santo Domingo’s Las Americas International Airport) in terms of inward flights in the course of a year. Those people are flying in to experience the classic seaside experience that Punta Cana offers. So popular has Punta Cana become that Bavaro – a village originally developed as a town for the region’s tourist workers – has become a town with almost as many services as most of the other towns nearby.

For the tourist wishing to visit the Dominican Republic but unsure of where to go, Punta Cana is the ideal entry point. It is currently the nation’s major tourist resort, with nightlife that would be the envy of some major cities, a waterpark and a marina and several shopping centers. With some top-line eateries and a range of themed cuisine on offer too, it stands up on every score. If you like a game of golf, one of its many professional standard golf courses is certain to be to your liking, and a plethora of hotels with differing selling points will persuade you that if you have a particular preference it will definitely be catered to at Punta Cana.