Rio San Juan

It is a cast iron fact that the Dominican Republic is a land of contrasts. Often within the one city you will find great historical landmarks and architecture from the early days of the New World not a stone’s throw away from new developments built for tourist and commercial reasons. Anyone paying a visit cannot fail to be struck by the nation’s ability to move with the times while still retaining a healthy respect for its past. It is this that makes the Dominican Republic such a fascinating country, and which makes it a popular destination for tourists. Of course, the beaches certainly do not hurt that aspect either, which may be down to the fact that the Dominican Republic has some of the most amazing beaches that one could hope to clap eyes on.

Rio San Juan - Dominican RepublicOn the North Coast of the country lies the Samaná peninsula, a haven of incredible natural beauty and for too long ignored by the tourist industry. With a new highway built from Santo Domingo leading to the peninsula, and a new airport in place since 2006, this is slowly changing. But for those who have not found their way to Samaná yet there is an equally lovely area of the world just to the west, in the Maria Sanchez Trinidad province. The coastal location bestows upon it some of the Dominican Republic’s famously amazing beaches. For anyone who enjoys coastal pursuits such as scuba diving and fishing, the town of Rio San Juan is a wonderful alternative while Samaná brings itself up to speed in tourist terms.

The town of Rio San Juan is a part of the province’s fishing and farming economy. Much of the fish supply on which the region places such a high value comes directly from Rio San Juan, and for the tourist the town is an ideal place to visit. Anyone who enjoys seafood will tell you that the fresher a fish, the better the taste, and in Rio San Juan it can be a matter of just a few hours from line or net to plate on a restaurant table. This is just one of the benefits of having such plentiful fishing waters right on the doorstep of your town. Among the others for this specific town one would also have to count the spectacular Gri Gri Lagoon, on which you can take a boat tour and drink in some phenomenal scenery.

On the coast, there are some of the most enchanting scenery that the Dominican Republic has to offer, with the mangrove trees dotted around the rock formations, which themselves surround and hide some beautiful beaches and cave complexes. Whether you are interested in sight-seeing, water sports or just enjoying some of the finest seafood that you could dream of, a visit to Rio San Juan will not leave you disappointed. And with the area’s close proximity to Samaná also playing a part in its attraction, you will certainly not regret spending some time in this area.