Barcelo Hotel Punta Cana

The beaches of Punta Cana are among the most important aspects of what makes the Dominican Republic a tourist paradise. The simple number of beaches is one thing, but beyond even that we have the variety. Family beaches, adult beaches, exclusive beaches and communal beaches. All of these different aspects give the Punta Cana experience that certain je ne sais quoi that sets the great holiday resorts apart from the rest. It is one place that you will go to and remember for the rest of your days. Among the highest rated beaches on the Dominican Republic is Bavaro Beach, and it is on this beach that the Barcelo hotel is located. This is a selling point for any hotel, of that there can be no doubt.

What makes Bavaro beach so special? Well, connoisseurs put its popularity down to the quality of the sand. Sand that is so pristine white that you could mistake it for snow in a different setting. Perfectly clean, as well, with not a single seashell or rock, so you can take to the beach barefoot without worrying about what you might step on. When you put that quality of sand up against the clearest blue water you could imagine, it takes on a postcard quality that the more cynical among us would refuse to believe actually exists in real life. On Bavaro beach, it most certainly does. People who regularly holiday in Cancun are effusive in their praise for Bavaro beach, so you have to assume that it is going to be great.

Barcelo Hotel Punta CanaThe hotel itself is one that really underlines the description “quality of service”. Unlike the occasionally rather forced bonhomie that you often find in holiday resorts, you will get a generous, effusive welcome at the Barcelo. It is a big resort, and keeping a positive vibe running through such a large area is something that does not come easily. At the Barcelo, therefore, you will be pleasantly surprised how warm and welcoming the staff are every time you meet them, and how eager to please they are every time you have a request to make of them. It is things like this that make a hotel, and result in the Barcelo being consistently one of the most popular hotels in the Republic.

One thing that almost every tourist who spends a little time at the Barcelo comments on is its entertainment. To sum it up in a word, the best one to use would be “cheerful”. There is a real sunny aspect to the whole resort, and when you add that to the experience of the beach it will make for some memories that will result in you wanting to go back again and again. If you are someone for whom the sun, sea and sand break is what makes a holiday perfect, then Barcelo is for you. It is also a lot cheaper than many other hotels, with deals often dropping lower than $100 a night even for some of the better rooms. Seemingly the only drawback will be that you will not want to leave.