Paradisus Palma Real Hotel

Among the things that are repeatedly commented on where the Dominican Republic is concerned would have to be its relaxed atmosphere, its happy-go-lucky charm and its simplicity. But there is room in among all of that for a bit of luxury, and the Paradisus Palma Real is the proof of that. With some of the most glorious fixtures and fittings anywhere on the island of Hispaniola, this is a hotel that you will never want to leave, even when the time comes to go home. Although there is more to the hotel than that – much, much more – there is a definite accent on quality here, with a lobby that will grab your attention straight away – plushly seated, gracefully shaded and furnished just right for the ultimate note of class.

Paradisus Palma Real HotelOne look at the resort’s website will show you why it is considered by many to be the jewel in the crown of the many hotels on this part of the island. It really is spectacular, and when you talk about a hotel having something for everyone, Paradisus Palma Real is that hotel. With a family side too, where the Family Concierge service will take care of just about anything a holidaying family could ask for. Massage and golf classes for Mom and Dad, with horse riding for all the family and swimming lessons for the kids. The kids are also catered for with a Beach kit laid on upon check in, containing a sun hat and T-shirt, and a mini bottle of tanning lotion – taking account of children’s greater vulnerability to the sun.

However, there is also an adult-only area of the resort for those who wish to have the peace and quiet of an undisturbed, more private holiday. An absolutely ideal location for a honeymoon, the Royal Service entitles you to discreet butler service, an air-conditioned lounge with evening cocktails laid on and a private beach area, with privileged access to the exclusive Gabi Beach. If you are traveling as a couple, it is the ideal location, with the privacy that all couples want from time to time, but no need to limit yourselves to not meeting other people and socialising throughout the holiday.

Paradisus Palma Real is one of those hotels that you will look at on the Internet and regret not staying in if you miss the chance. Naturally for a hotel that offers such a wide range of privileges it is more expensive than many of the others – you will be looking at amounts in the region of $600 upwards – but there is a reason for the higher expense. A holiday with a stay at the Paradisus Palma Real will be something you simply do not forget. It truly is Paradise on Earth.