Sirenis Tropical Suite Casino & Spa

A holiday in the Dominican Republic is the ultimate in sunshine breaks. You can absolutely guarantee that a break in this Caribbean paradise will involve rest, relaxation, and a good time that relies on nothing more complicated than sitting back and enjoying the amenities and the trappings of Dominican life. Tropical weather without being so hot that you cannot move, added to unpretentious entertainment for all the family, or just for the grown ups. It is everything that a holiday should be, and will help you recharge your batteries while having the time of your life. And if you book into the Sirenis Tropical Suite Casino and Spa, you will guarantee yourself the relaxation that everyone wants to get from a holiday. What you are looking for in a break, you will get from this wonderful resort.

Sirenis Tropical SuiteThe name says it all, really. Sirenis Tropical Suite Casino and Spa. Let’s start with “Tropical”. And tropical is what it is – the weather is sunny and warm the year round. But unlike some other tropical resorts, a stay in the Dominican paradise will not be overbearing in terms of heat. You’ll get all the sun and warmth you need without being knocked on your back by the temperature. The suite – well, this of course refers to the fabulous rooms which allow you to enjoy in comfort the wonderful climate of this part of the Caribbean in all its glory. Waking up to a sunny day in an air-conditioned room and deciding how to make the most of the day ahead of you – it is something everyone should have the chance to experience once in a while.

As for the Casino, this again speaks for itself. Do you feel lucky? Well, you can always test your luck by popping to the casino to try and win a bit of extra spending money. You will be made comfortable by the first-rate service and hospitality here, but remember not to get too comfortable as you could end up having to get through the rest of the holiday without any spending money if your luck runs out at the tables. The best bet is to take a set amount of cash with you and leave your wallet with your cards in it in the safe deposit box in your room – that way you cannot get drawn in to gambling what you cannot afford to lose.

And the Spa? Well, you don’t need us to tell you what a spa is. Just enjoy the relaxation that comes with massages and pampering treatments – just the ideal way to spend a bit of time on a Caribbean holiday. Any holiday should be for relaxation, and a Caribbean holiday all the more so. What better way to get fully relaxed than a rub down to soothe tense muscles and release tension? The benefits of a break at the Sirenis Tropical Suite Casino and Spa are undoubted. With themed restaurants varying between Italian, Oriental, Seafood and Steakhouse, this is just a holiday where the variety keeps on coming. The hotel is located at Punta Cana, well-known for its fantastic beaches – so even off the premises there is plenty to see and do.