Flights to Dominican Republic

If you have made the more than understandable decision to holiday on the stunning Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic, ones mind will inevitably turn to trying to find flights to this luxury destination.

The Dominican Republic is served by 10 airports, though many only handle domestic flights between the Republic itself and other Caribbean islands. Many of these are charter companies or for use by small, light personal aircraft, and their runways are not substantial enough to deal with international jets. It is therefore important, when selecting a location for a stay in the Dominican Republic, that you check the status of a nearby airport.

This is because many travel agents will say that a hotel or resort location is near an airport. While not an out and out lie, this is a lie of omission; while it is most likely true that there is an airport nearby, it does not necessarily mean that is the one you be flying into on flights to Dominican Republic. Clever wording means that the travel agents leave you with this assumption, when in actuality your resort may still be many, many miles from the airport your international flight will arrive at. To avoid this, simply obtain the airport code of the mentioned nearby airport, and check on a search engine to the status of the airport. By viewing which airlines use the airport and its runway, you can quickly deduce the actual usability of it. Also remember to check tickets and flight plans before assuming your resort is next to an airport.

Dominican Republic Airport & FlightsThere are two major airports in the Dominican Republic which deal primarily with international travel, and are equipped to deal with the large aircraft that are used to transport tourists there. On the south east coast, there is La Romana International Airport. As the name would suggest, it indeed does deal with international flights to Dominican Republic, including services from carriers such as American Airline, Air Italy and the British based Thomson Airways. If you are flying to the Dominican Republic from an international destination, it is most likely you will be arriving at La Romana.

One notable exception is when flying to Dominican Republic from New York’s John F Kennedy airport. For reasons perhaps best known to itself, Maria Montez International Airport in Barahona deals with flights from New York. Flights from the other main American departure point, Miami, are handled by American Airlines and fly to La Romana, though some Miami flights offered by TransMeridian Airlines are destined for Maria Montez. Maria Montez, this small New York nuance aside, is primarily used for small domestic flights and the airport – while harboring under the tag of ‘International’ – is not as well equipped as most frequent Western travelers would enjoy.

Flights to Dominican Republic are easy to find, and while not cheap, are not as damaging financially as one might have expected. Coach passengers can usually obtain a fare for around L500 from the UK, or some $400 from the United States. As with any kind of travel, booking well in advance is the best way to secure a well priced flight, with up to 25% discounts available for early bookers with some airlines.