Diving in Croatia

Where the Mediterranean, the Alps, and the Pannonian plains come together is the country of Croatia.  The coast of Croatia is in-framed by the articulate Dinara mountain chain leaving a permanent impression of pure, spectacular beauty in the eye of the beholder.  A country with one thousand years of history that the modern world has left to remain in its own elegant and grand form is the ultimate place to be. The underworld of the ocean waters off the Adriatic coast and islands is every scuba divers fantasy come true.  Underwater cliffs, wrecked war ships, and caves inhabited by schools of fish, might cause you to wish your dive to be eternal.

Croatia DivingTo some, Croatia is considered to be the jewel of the Mediterranean.  Deep beneath the sea, surviving from the distant past, are time-honored sailboats and coral reefs waiting to be explored and admired.  Diving in the waters of Croatia make it possible for divers to see a whole new world experiencing infinite, serene silence as schools of fish, exploding in color, lead them into their dwelling places, underwater caves and wrecked war ships.  Katedrala, located along the coast of the bay of Siroka, is known for its underwater caves.  One can take a dive and journey through the caves as they are connected by passages, and gaze in awe while daylight and shadow play together on the walls of this underwater chamber.

Croatia has many different sites of wrecked war ships.  You can dive into an ancient Roman wreck from the third century just off the shallow waters of the Island of Mljet.  Explore one of the most famous wreck sites in the Adriatic called “Baron Gautsch”.  This Austrian steamship, located at Rovinj, Istria, sailed over a mine in 1914.  Dive into the era of World War 2 and discover an English minesweeper that hit a mine in 1945 also located at Rovinj, Istria.

Whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner, both can enjoy the savoring moments of the underwater cliffs located in the channel between Peljesac and Korcula.  This underwater boulder starts out shallow at 5m. This is where you can explore the many different types of small, colorful fish.  Steeping down to 20m the walls of this cliff are covered with algae, sponges, mosses, and corals expressing themselves through all sorts of colors.  Dive deeper and explore the many diverse clusters of fish living amongst exquisite rocks and shells on the sandy ocean floor.

Croatia, a country of “Preserved History” on land and under the sea, has everything to offer whether you enjoy site seeing or diving in the magnificent Mediterranean.  Mountain ranges and plains, islands and rocky cliffs, old ship wrecks for divers to explore, time-honored sailboats under the sea, and underwater caves, this country has it all.  As a diver in Croatia, the chance to see conger eel, codfish, perch, octopus, hermit crabs, and grand corals makes for an experience of a life time.  A shallow dive or deep scuba diving, you will leave Croatia with a new understanding of true, preserved beauty.