Croatia Nightlife

If what you are looking for is nightlife you can definitely find it in Croatia. In a country with one thousand years of history paralleled with over a thousand islands you are sure to find nightlife electrifying the city streets after dark. From stylish, trendy clubbing, to jazzy cafés, or drinks on the beach, Croatia’s cities come alive as sensational sunsets bring rejuvenation and new life after dark.

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is known as the “holiday party city”. With a wide variety of bars, pubs, and clubs there is surely something you’ll find that suits your fancy. Laid back cafés like the Gradska Kavana and Lisna Kavana might be just what you need to begin your nightlife experience. If you are looking to meet some of the locals the Bulldog Belgian Beer Café would be the perfect spot. With impeccable beer and a large area outside it makes for a great night of hustle and bustle. Are you ready to dance yet? You can step your nightlife pace up a few notches and dance the night away at Aquarius, one of the most famous, energetic dance clubs in the city. Zagreb is one of the smaller cities in Croatia but has an unlimited amount of entertainment for all.

Another hot spot is the city of Split, the second largest city in Croatia. The view of this city is breath taking as it is impowered by a vast mountain range behind it and the city itself, home of the Diocletian’s Palace, sits on the edge of the sea. You can start your nightlife on Bacvice Beach by sipping some coffee or having a few beers at the Po Bota or the artsy Ghetto Club as you enjoy your reverie from your day visit to the many museums and ancient Roman ruins that fill the city. Tropic Club Ecuador is another great place to sit under palms while sipping fruity cocktails or under the stars at the O’Hara Klub where summer nights are filled with live rock and jazz. You might feel as if you are living a fairy tale as nightlife in Split is more of the Mediterranean style.

Croatia NightlifeDubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia. Truths from the past is what marks this city as it overlooks the Adriatic.  Although there is plenty of taverns and cafés, nightclubbing is faddish as it comes and goes. You might want to start your nightlife here along Old Town’s Placa Street and stroll through the cities’ historical heart, which some people say is the most beautiful street in the world. If you are a romantic, Ispod Mira is the ideal place. This bar, etched into the walls of the cliffs with only one undemanding sign saying “cold drinks”, is where you can watch for the evening sunset and experience romantic simplicity as time stands still.

Whether you drink and drink some more, dance your heart out, sip cocktails at beachfront jazzy-cafes, or gaze at the savoring sunsets, which ever it may be, your experiences will surely be memorable as nightlife in Croatia is extraordinaire in every way.