Pula – Croatia

Pula is situated in the southern tip of the Istria peninsula and it is the largest city in Croatia. It is a major seaport and industrial centre with many docks, shipyards, and numerous manufacturers. It is a city of antiquity, parks, and summer festivals. Pula is the perfect gateway to the crystalline, seductive waters of the Adriatic Sea. This beautiful city has a very rich cultural heritage that has got it influences from many cultures. National parks, which have some of the most beautiful natural beauty, border the city on all sides. One can see the ancient Roman amphitheater and forum while talking a leisurely stroll from the old city to the coast.

The Roman Empire has left an impressionable mark on Pula. There are a lot of historic Roman ruins such as the Gate of Hercules – one of the ten gates built by the Romans in order to fortify the city, the Arch of the Sergii – that was built by the Sergii family to celebrate the victory of a war at Actium, and many more can be seen while visiting the city. The most famous Roman contribution to the city of Pula is the world-renowned amphitheater the Arena that was built in the 1st century AD by Emperor Vespasian and it can seat up to 22,000 people. It is one of the world’s best preserved amphitheaters and the six largest one existing today. The Arena is the proud host of the annual summer festival held at Pula, which has participation from artistes from all over the world.

The other places of ancient origin are the Temple of Augustus, the Cathedral, the Franciscan Church and Monastery, and the Archaeology Museum, which is also the gate that served as an entry point into the old town of Pula during the reign of the Romans. This Museum houses a range of artefacts from the ancient to the medieval times and it is reminiscent of the rich history of Pula.

Pula - CroatiaPula has become the most popular travel destination that tourists choose to visit during the summer due its mild weather and its clean blue waters. It is also a very cost-effective alternative to many other popular beaches in this region.

The national parks are famous places for their unspoiled beauty and their vastness. The Brijuni National Park is a must visit site as it has many other places of attraction within its vicinity such as the Tito’s Museum, Kapelica s loggiom, and Aleja amongst many others.

The city of Pula also has many nightclubs and bars that cater tourists of every budget type. If you are looking to dance your night out then you must visit Club Uljanik, Aruba, and Disco Imperial, or if you prefer to hang around the bar and sip on some cocktails, then you would like the ambience at Podroom and Cabahia. The city of Pula is an incredible mix of ancient ruins and modern people making it a thorough fun place to be.