Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb, an astounding place, is the capital of Croatia. It is the largest city in Croatia, which covers about 641 square km. For many years, Prague and Budapest are the major fashionable cities in Central Europe for overseas guests, having no competitor; however, at present, Zagreb becomes a challenger to these two cities. The city is the cinematic, cultural, economic, governmental, and scientific centre of Croatia.

Zagreb is divided into three important parts; they are Gornji grad (upper town), Donji grad (lower town), and Novi Zagreb (modern town). Gornji grad is a 1000-year-old town that contains various attractions such as the Parliament of Croatia, Saint Mark’s Church, the Presidential Palace, and many museums and galleries. Donji grad is the 19th-century town, which contains many cafés, parks, restaurants, shops, and theatres. Novi Zagreb is the contemporary post-war town, which is filled with many multi-storey buildings and there is no any interesting sites for tourists!

Zagreb is known as the city of museums since it has many museums than any other cities in the world. Besides museums, there are many other attractions to see such as the Zagrebcani; there are numerous cafés. The restaurants that are located in this city provide you delicious Croatian food items. In this city, you can also find many bars and clubs to spend your night time happily.

During the stay at Zagreb, you may have better chances to have a trip to Croatian Zagorje. If you are a wine lover, then Zagreb is the best place for you. Here you can easily get the best quality wines, which have won two international gold medals.

Zagreb Croatia

The Klovićevi Dvori is a 3-storey art gallery located in Gornji Grad of Zagreb. Klovićevi Dvori was opened in the year 1984. The gallery fully symbolises one of the most substantial movements in the history of contemporary European art. It is the grandest art gallery in Zagreb. The art gallery is very impressive and it consists of the most renowned exhibits of the world where you can have wonderful shopping.

Zagreb has many important and multi-storey historical constructions such as Cibona Tower, Mamutica, Neboder, Zagreb TV Tower, and Zagrepčanka. There are also many recent constructions such as EuroTower, the Almeria Tower, Zagrebtower, and HOTO Tower. Transport facilities in Zagreb are exceptionally good, which is being facilitated by both public and private transportation. Mass transit has 19 inner-city tramcar lines and about 120 bus routes. Petlja is a well-planned flyover that connects many roads. Travelling to any place of the city can be easily achieved by bus, train, tram, or taxicabs. The city has many popular bridges.
The main attractions of the city are the museums. Some of the very popular museums are Archaeological Museum, Arts and Crafts Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Mimara Museum, and Museum of Technology.

The city has about 20 seasonal or permanent stages and theatres. One of the very popular theatres is Croatian National Theatre, which was built in the year 1895 and it was opened by the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I. The city hosts many international cultural festivals, which include film festival and music festival. This city would be a perfect place for the individuals who are more culture-oriented.