Croatia Hotel Recommendations

Croatia has numerous hotels offering diverse types of facilities, ambience and services. It’s all up to you, the guest. You can settle for the comforts of a vacation home which is cozy and warm or indulge into your lavishness in a luxury resort hotel. Croatia hotels offer different amenities and atmosphere which can make your visit truly unforgettable. Known for its majestic landscapes and cultural history, Croatia, located at the southern part of Europe is regarded as a top-class vacation spot in the world. Activities such as hiking, spas and tours to ancient ruins centuries old are quite popular to tourists. Although it is considered as a major tourist spot in the world, Croatia was able to retain its natural and traditional beauty and culture. There area various hotels with a wide range of rates offered to accommodate budget and requirements of different travelers.

Basically, there are three types of Croatia hotels. The small more private hotels are famous for offering a cozy atmosphere and personalized guest service. Those who are traveling on budget usually prefer the two to three star hotels. And of course, there are the luxury five star hotels which offer modern facilities, great comfort and outstanding service. Your hotel choice may also depend on which part of Croatia you want to visit or what type of activities you may want to do during your stay. There are more options for hotels to choose from in the urban parts of Croatia than the rural areas with lesser population. It is best that you make sufficient research abut the Croatia hotels and whether it is suited for your needs or budget or within the vicinity of the area at which you may want to hold your activities.

Regent Esplanade ZagrebZagreb is the capital city of Croatia offering a lot of attractions and different hotels for you to stay at. One of the hotels situated in Zagreb is the Regent Esplanade Zagreb. It is said to be one of the best hotels Zagreb has to offer. It features amenities such as a shopping center and botanical garden. Most of the staff of this hotel is also multi-lingual which accommodates to the different types of guests speaking diverse languages. The food offered by the in-house restaurant is also a wonderful treat serving both local and international cuisine

Located at the Dubrovnik port city is another hotel which is famous for its traditional charm. The Dubrovnik Palace Hotel located in the area at the Lapad peninsula which overlooks the Adriatic Sea is a hotel of ideal choice in a place described as the most beautiful city in the whole of Mediterranean. The hotel offers modern facilities such as internet access, fitness gym, spas and luxury dining. Other hotel accommodations situated in Dubrovnik are the Grand Villa Argentina and the Villa Orsula which is distinctive of its Mediterranean influence.

There are a lot more Croatia hotels which offer excellent accommodations, amenities and service. It all depends on what you as a guest want or need. You can choose by location, budget or activities, but whatever it is, or wherever, you are almost guaranteed a time of your life.