Sailing the Islands of Greece

Greece is truly holiday bliss for those who are into sailing. Greeted with warm welcomes and a truly different atmosphere, sailing the island of Greece is an exhilarating experience even if you’ve done it before. The islands of Greece make up almost one fifth of Greece itself which makes it ideal for yachting traveling coastline which spread up to fifteen thousand kilometers.

The Mediterranean climate accommodates for this exciting leisure activity. The winters in Greece are usually moist while summers are dry. The charter season usually starts around March when the water is more stable due to the rise of air temperature over the temperature of the sea waters. The peak season for chartering is usually in July and August where temperatures are at its peak.

The frequent sailors usually take pleasure feeling the sea breeze in Crotia‘s Dalmatian Islands. It offers amazing scenic views in its vicinity. The islands itself offer a unique Italian atmosphere and one can enjoy towns with many culturally rich historical destinations.

The more popular option to for sailing is “Assisted Sailing”. It is designed for the novice, less experienced and at times nervous sailors who want to enjoy the seas with less danger. The trip is accompanied by a skipper to ensure that everything is safe and in order so as one can experience sailing the islands of Greece with less worries and trouble.

Some more experienced and daring sailors prefer “bareboat sailing” which is a bit more adventurous and exciting. If you are one enthusiast of this, be sure to arrange your plans with a travel agent or a hotel to ensure that you have are able to enjoy it to the fullest. Most agencies assist travelers in organizing bareboat sailing for them all over Greece and even Europe.

With more than two thousand islands, Greece has only less than two hundred islands which are populated. Each island has different aspects and beauty on its own and most are certainly captivating. Some islands can only be reached by small boats only.

Sailing in GreeceGreece waters are divided into the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea, thus winds are categorized in this two directions. The summer season which is from May to September brings about the winds of the Aegean Sea. During July to August, these winds are referred to as “Meltemi” which is active all throughout the day at times lasting for a few days continuously. These winds may also come from different directions from the seas and its intensity usually depends on the specific regions. The Island of Naxos in Cyclades is usually host to the stronger winds of Meltemi. The winds are strong and consistent which attracts people who are in the sport of windsurfing. Winds coming from the Ionian Sea which blow in the summer season are referred to as “Maistros” while its winds in the winter time are known as “Sirocco”. With regards to Greece sailing, knowing where and when the right winds blow is essential.